How to Help a Spirit Crossover

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We have all been given the gift of free will by God. Since our body consists of a physical and a spiritual form, this free will still exists once our physical bodies are dead. You can imagine the confusion that takes place when a person loses their physical presence on earth. They have no purpose, no way to interact with others and no life as it was once experienced. Traveling to the next phase of life seems only logical. However, many deceased beings are terrified of meeting their Maker or feel that they have unfinished business on earth and refuse to advance. If death is due to a sudden and unexpected accident, the spirit may not even realize what is taking place and need help crossing over.

It can be a very lonely time for a spirit to be stuck in a dimension where he/she no longer belongs. It is important that you, or someone experienced in soul rescue, find a way to communicate with the lost spirit. Sometimes a spirit does not understand or refuses to listen to reason. If this occurs, prying into their past life can bring answers to why they want to stay. Once the reason is discovered, you can enlist the help of a loved one, spiritual guide or another ghost to help with the transition.

If you chose to help a spirit move on, first surround yourself with protection. Picture a white light where nothing can penetrate its seal. Next, visualize a gold cord that reaches from your root chakra deep into the earth for grounding. Thirdly, create a silver cord that extends from your crown chakra up to your highest source of inspiration. Take as much time as you need to feel the energy, balance, and protection as it grows.

Simply ask the spirit to leave. Explain what has happened to them and why there is no reason to be afraid. Reassure them that once they have moved on and are settled, they can come back to visit.

Fear is the most prominent reason why a ghost will not follow the path laid out before them. However, getting a spirit to move on is necessary as the energy that they steal from you can be very draining. Ask for help from a spiritual advisor if you have trouble communicating with a spirit.

how to help a spirit crossover

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