How to Summon Your Guardian Angel

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How to summon your guardian angel.Guardian angels are spiritual beings that have been assigned to protect and guide you as you journey through life. Too often, we run into situations that appear to be bigger than what is humanly possible to handle. It is times like these that guardian angels can change a situation, give you the courage to go on or protect you from the outcome. Although guardian angels are with us always but by asking for aid, we feel their comforting energy and guidance.

Although the purpose of a guardian angel is to protect, we have been given free which keeps them from interfering in the material world unless asked.  Guardian angels will step in if it is a matter of life and death without being asked in some instances.

Stay in Touch

There will always be incidents that are beyond our control. Communicating with your guardian angel will allow you to feel his/her presence and to know that they are ready and willing to answer your call. Call to them and thank them for their service in watching over you.

Specific Matters

Specific matters, such as taking a long trip, may have you worried. Begin by clearing your head of the chatter and noise of the world and call to your guardian angel. Ask that they protect you on your trip. However, be prepared for what transpires. Your intuition may be alerting you to danger and by calling on your guardian angel, he/she will keep you from harm. A delay, a cancellation or another form of travel may transpire. Know that this is your angel watching out for you.


Always thank your guardian angel for protecting you with problems that you have no control. They may not be human, but they do possess a greater love and will always appreciate your gratitude.



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