how to use healing crystalsHealing crystals have been used for centuries to harmonize, balance, and stimulate our energy. There are specific ways in preparing and using crystals to help gain the most from their power.

Cleansing Crystals

Crystals hold an electromagnetic field that need to be cared for and respected. The earth has allowed you to be a part of their most treasured beauties, crystals. By cleansing the stones, you keep them free from the outside energies of others and the atmosphere. Here are some ways to purify your crystals to make sure that they are cleared for each use.

  • Set out in moonlight or sunlight for 24 hours. Take care with crystals that are photosensitive as they may fade in color.
  • Hold under flowing water, preferably from a natural stream or spring. If tap water is all that is available, visualize the imperfections of the water being whisked away.
  • Use the smoke from incense or a smudge stick in the same manner you would to heal a room.

Programming Crystals

Ask for support in your specific journey with your crystals nearby. State your purpose and the person being treated. You should only use specific stones for certain treatments after obtaining this bond. Keep them away from other stones that have been programmed for other purposes.

Holding a Charge

Once your crystals have been cleansed and programmed for healing, prepare them for your specific purpose. They will hold a charge throughout the healing unless an outside force in introduced. Meditating to your higher spirit guide for help in the cause at hand will further their positive energy.

Some stones are used in healing spaces, some for lifting emotional barriers and others for treating physical ailments. Laying of stones is common for bringing balance to the 7 chakras that control certain parts of the body. Learning the best stones that match each chakra can produce even better results.

how to use healing crystals

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