The Immense Power of Group Prayer

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Immense Power of Group Prayer

The Immense Power of Group Prayer

Most of us pray by ourselves.  We keep our hopes, worries and dreams inside without sharing with others.  Unfortunately, so many people lack an idea about the power that hides in group prayer.  Praying together brings many benefits to the table. Some of them are rational and easily explained by psychology.  Others are a bit more abstract and spiritual.

Group Prayer Brings Added Power

Just think about it – when you are going through a tough time on your own, you feel vulnerable and scared.  Having other people backing you up and praying for you provides comfort since you know that others are praying for you.

Group prayer amplifies the message and the energy you want to send out to the universe.  Every person is praying in a unique way, but the end goal is the same.  It provides a feeling of power and belonging a single individual will never experience.

Open Heart, Open Mind

When people pray together and address each other’s dreams, troubles and aspirations, they open their minds and hearts.  By being a member of such a group, you become more aware of what other people are experiencing.  This awareness boosts compassion and gives you emotional comfort in knowing others are feeling the same way.

The unity in thought and emotions can almost become palpable as groups of people pray together. Being open to what others are going through results in a higher level of self-understanding and feelings of being connected.

You Overcome Differences

Many people experience isolation because they feel others are different.  Such feelings lead to alienation and the failure to accept people.

Through prayer, you will learn you have a lot in common with other people.  Group prayer shows you that most people worry about the same things, and they hope for the same positive experiences in life.

The understanding and acceptance stemming from group prayer amplifies the positive energy you send towards others and the one that you receive.  You learn how to be involved, how to stop judging and simply accept people as they are.

Also, people who pray together will often learn they can be the answer to another’s prayer.  In essence, the connection becomes very deep.  It gives viable solutions to problems people previously considered to be impossible to overcome.


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