Intuitive Personality Traits

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Intuitive Personality Traits

It is impossible to look at a person and know if they have a keen sense of intuition. However, there are certain intuitive personality traits that can be seen in many individuals that tap into this source and use to their advantage.


An intuitive person is able to relate to another on a level of understanding. Their expression of support is not shallow, but radiates a feeling of genuine concern.

Staying Optimistic

Negativity is deadly in keeping the mind free to imagine and dream. Although negative situations and thoughts do occur, they are addressed swiftly and put aside.

Listen to Subconscious

You can often tell when speaking with an intuitive person. Conversation can lead to verbiage of reasoning out a problem. An opinion without thought is often portrayed by someone that uses their inner subconscious.

Respect Rest

The body is important to one that is intuitive. When the mind is tired, conscious decisions take over and present more questions than answers. Respecting rest and always being alert is usually a trait of an intuitive person.


Always having to be surrounded by a crowd and chatter is not a trait that is often seen in the intuitive person. They are mindful of being in tune with their inner self and are not afraid to spend quiet time with their thoughts.

Being Observant to Surroundings

Recognizing the smallest details of their surroundings and appreciating the beauty of the world is easily seen in someone that is intuitive. It is almost as if each new day is totally unique and filled with wonder.


Because intuition comes from exercising the imagination, creativity is never far behind. Always mindful of another’s ideas and quick to absorb the fantasies of anything new and exciting, most intuitive people are creative by nature.

Not Afraid of Inner Voices

Being in tune to inner voices is a quality of an intuitive individual. It is almost as though they have an inside pathway to seeing life on a subconscious level. They hardly portray confusion over a matter or have to contemplate problems from different angles. They feel their inner voice is true.

The intuitive person seems comfortable in their body and appreciates the subconscious as a valuable tool to exercise and use.

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