How to Know if Your Throat Chakra is Blocked

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Signs your throat chakra is blockedThe throat chakra allows us to communicate clearly with others and is located at the base of the neck. When a blockage occurs, a number of physical or emotional characteristics can occur. Think communication and you will always know if you are headed for a blocked throat chakra.

Physical Ailments

Being close to the head, the throat, ears and nose are the greatest potential targets that appear through the throat chakra. Allergies that will not clear up, frequent sinus infections and a mucousy cough are all physical signs that your throat chakra is losing its balance.

The ears are also affected with a plugged sensation or popping, making it difficult to hear other people. In addition, the lymph nodes in the back of the neck may swell and you begin to get a tickling feeling in your throat. These signs often make one believe that they have caught a virus or are coming down with the flu.

Emotional Difficulties

The flow of words with co-workers or in a meeting never seems to materialize. Anxiousness and fear overwhelm your mind and voicing your thoughts never comes out right. This can lead others to frequently interrupt you, talk over you or act as if you do not exist. This can become very frustrating and cause you to stay quiet or to blurt out certain phrases in anger.

A fear of speaking up or adding input to a conversation goes can go unheard for being afraid that the correct words or ideas will not form. Instead of looking like an idiot to others, a closed mouth becomes your normal response. This should never be a reaction and it is time to address the problem for what it is.

Being able to freely communicate with others is an important part of society. Without a balanced throat chakra, you could soon become despondent and depressed. If any of these symptoms sound familiar to you, take steps to open the throat chakra and let your voice be heard.

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  1. Luiz Carlos Peres

    Tudo bom.
    Porém qual o método para se abrir e equilibra o laringo chakra?
    Podem me responder.


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