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What Maintenance Does a Himalayan Salt Lamp Need?

While buried deep within the earth, Himalayan salt is well-protected from the pollutants of the world. Once this material is extracted and chiseled into a lamp, it can begin to lose its attractiveness. It is important to keep your Himalayan Salt Lamp maintained so that it will stay fresh and natural-looking for many years.


Where not to use your Himalayan Salt Lamp

Due to the hygroscopic properties of salt, it is best to keep them away from excess moisture. Bathrooms, basements, outdoor patios or any other area where moisture gathers can harm the power and beauty of the rock salt. If this does occur, remove the light source and dry the salt with a clean cloth. You may also set some tea candles around the base to remove as much moisture as possible from the salt.


No chemicals should be used when cleaning your Himalayan Salt Lamp. Dust may begin to build up on your lamp and can be removed with a slightly damp cotton cloth. For heavy dirt, use a scouring pad to remove the grime and wipe clean with a wet cloth. Make sure that the electrical source has been removed when using a water source as this could cause electrical damage to the bulb and wiring.

Wet Weather and your Himalayan Salt Lamp

On rainy or snowy days, your lamp may begin to accumulate excess moisture. Dry off as much water as you can see and place your Himalayan Salt Lamp in direct sunlight to further the drying. Keep your light on always as the light will add additional drying.

When your Lamp is Dormant

If you will not be using your lamp for days or weeks, unplug the cord and place a plastic grocery bag over the entire unit. Left in the open air, the unit could begin to sweat from the continued moisture in the air.

Treat your Himalayan Salt Lamp as you would a fine piece of furniture. The powerful benefits will only be recognized if your treat it with respect and good maintenance.

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