Make Happiness Your State of Mind

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Make Happiness Your State of Mind

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Your mind is such a powerful tool!  You can either make it your friend or your foe in all m

atters affecting your life; from choosing the clothes you will be wearing today to making life-changing decisions affecting you for the rest of your life.  You will obviously want to make your mind your best friend.  This is especially true in your pursuit of happiness on your own terms and in your own time.

A Mentality Practiced Daily

Keep in mind, too, that happiness is a mentality.  It is a state of mind, not just a single one-size-fits-all state of being.  Happiness is the ability to take whatever life has given you, transform it to fit your purpose in life, and spread it to others, even when it may not be initially appreciated by the recipient.  Happiness is also a product of making the deliberate decision of living a meaningful and loving life despite the odds – and everybody has odds stacked against them, even those who won the genetic lottery or who were born with a silver spoon.

Since your mind can easily be distracted, you should also practice happiness as a state of min

d on a daily basis.  You may find it difficult at first.  This is particularly true when your original disposition was to be pessimistic.  Yet with daily practice, you will find you are being happy even without thinking!

Meditation and mindfulness are two of the best ways to encourage such a state of mind.

A Matter of Surrounding Yourself with The Right People

You cannot do it all by yourself, however, because you are not an island, much less living on an island by

yourself.  You should make a point of surrounding yourself with the right people, especially your family and friends.  These are the people you love and the people who love you back.  You may have little control over the people in your workplace, but you do have control over the types of people you allow to enter your personal life.

You will find that adopting happiness as a state of mind is easier when the people around you actually give you happiness.  In return you give them happiness too.  It is, after all, a give-and-take process that, when repeated in a cycle, adds more to your happiness bank.

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