Manifest Abundance by Sending the Right Universal Messages

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Manifest abundanceAbundance means a very large quantity. It can be cash, happiness, friends or reaching a list of impossible goals. When most people think of achieving abundance, they concentrate on what is possible with their ideas and physical capacities. By moving out of this comfort zone, you allow your abundance to manifest beyond your wildest dreams.

Power of the Universe

The entire universe is within the grasp of anyone that chooses to develop their abundance consciousness. The universe is continually expanding and growing; adding new species of plants, creating new stars and widening our knowledge of the unknown that is yet to be discovered. Its powerful presence exists for all of us in what we hope for. Tapping into this abundance can bring many layers of manifestation to reality.

What is Universal Abundance?

Becoming aware of the bounty that the universe has to offer can expand your immediate circle of wants to include what the unconscious actually needs. For example, manifesting the abundance of energy can invoke a connection with the universe with more clarity. Other expansions that are beyond your own inner circle can include time, spirituality, water, food, or love.

Wishing for the abundance of money and success are attributes that are limited to your own abilities, but by seeking universal manifestations, you become more aware of all that is important in achieving much more. The abundance of opportunities, the abundance of love, and the abundance of performing good deeds may sound more general in nature, but can lead you to many satisfying manifestations on a larger level.

What you are really seeking

Everyone wants to have more money and prosperity. However, without the existence of time, space, love and bounties of the universe, you may not be able to achieve happiness. Before zoning in on what your conscious desires, focus on your unconscious for your actual desire of manifested abundance. You may find a deeper and more powerful reason for creating success. Send a message to the universe and become one with the bigger picture of life and what will truly bring peace, joy and happiness.


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