The Many Wonderful Powers of Citrine

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The Many Wonderful Powers of Citrine

Citrine is a solar plexus chakra stone that is known for its ability to increase personal power and energy. Natural Citrine crystals are not difficult to locate and are popular among many nations. Known for its pure yellow energy, it is said that Citrine carries the power of the sun and enhances the mood when worn. Hence citrine healing properties are there for you to make good use of.

Citrine Meaning

The name “Citrine” has its origins in the Latin word for yellow- citrina and the citron fruit. In the early ages, it also went by names such as the Merchant’s Stone or the Money Stone. Citrine has been believed to bring in wealth and financial prosperity for the wearer. Also, citrine healing properties are well-known all over the world.

Cleansing Power

Citrine is a powerful cleanser. It effectively absorbs, transmutes, and dissipates negative energy and never needs cleansing itself. But it is advised by some that In healing, toxins are removed and addictions addressed, cleansing the body of poisons that cause illness. Depression, self-doubt, anger, irrational mood swings, and thoughts of self-destruction are often calmed by the power of Citrine.

Origin of Citrine

Citrine is a type of quartz stone that is often pale to golden yellow in color. There are different varieties and heat-treated stones often bear a pinkish or amber color. It is not hard to find genuine Citrine as it is found in many locations. A majority of the current world’s citrine stone production can be attributed to Brazil, though several other countries also have citrine quartz reserves. France, Britain, Russia, Madagascar, Burma, Spain, and the USA are a few countries, besides Brazil where Citrine has been mined. The name Citrine comes from the Greek word meaning ‘citron’, as many early Citrine crystals found had a color similar to the citrus fruit of that name.

citrine. citrine healing properties

Historical Significance of Citrine

The citrine gemstone has been documented in use by the ancient Greeks during the Hellenistic Age (300-150 BC). The golden yellow variant of quartz was earlier used in jewelry decoration. Later its value as a spiritual gemstone was properly understood. The stone has since been noted for its remarkable healing properties across countless cultures throughout the world. 

Manifestation of Abundance

All things that are good are said to be due to Citrine crystals. Abundance, prosperity, and spiritual growth can be achieved by carrying or wearing Citrine as gemstones. Energies of generosity and kindness are also attributes of citrine. It also helps enhance mental clarity, confidence, and willpower. This results in increased creativity and honesty. Happiness abounds for those that take advantage of this natural gift of Mother Nature.

Known as a “Success Stone”, Citrine opens one to the accumulation of wealth and abundance. More so if kept in a cash-box or wealth corner (back-left corner from the door) of the house. Good luck and good fortune may appear in unexpected ways). It can be worn as a ring. Citrine rings are very common nowadays.

Balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra

Health and work are often compromised when the Solar Plexus Chakra is out of balance. Citrine helps to organize the brain and as such is an important power center that should be kept in perfect equilibrium.

Citrine is an important crystal for keeping the mind, body, and soul properly balanced and rejuvenated. Think of Citrine as a protecting agent in keeping negative energy away and allowing happiness to flow. The unexpected prosperity and abundance are also welcome reminders of the amazing power of Citrine.

Uses in Astrology

According to Western astrology, Citrine is the lucky birthstone for those born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign (the month of November). The gemstone is also known to bring positive benefits in the fields of wealth, social positioning, knowledge acquisition, and health for the zodiac signs Aries, Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio. Ancient Vedic astrology indicates Jupiter as the ruling planet. It helps the wearer in strengthening the planet’s position in their horoscopes.

citrine ring. citrine healing properties

Citrine Properties

Citrine mineral reserves are found within igneous and metamorphic rocks. And, at times within clastic sediments and mineral veins as well. Raw citrine minerals are rare and yield pale yellow citrine gems with smoky tones. Most of the commercially available citrine is prepared through heat treatment in a controlled environment. Heat treatment on smoky quartz yields light to medium yellow citrine. Citrine obtained from amethysts tends to be a darker shade ranging from deep yellow, orange, and at times red. Owing to the heat treatment, small lines are often common in citrine crystals prepared from amethyst.

Citrine Gradation and Quality Assessment

Citrines are graded upon 4 characteristics- Origin, Color, Cut, and Clarity. Citrines originating from Brazil are usually considered the best quality. The gemstone is available for purchase from both online and local jewelry stores. Natural, transparent and untreated (also, unheated) gemstones of a bright golden-yellow complexion are the most useful as per astrological preferences across the globe. Gems generated from the Brazilian mines possess the best color and clarity.

Citrine Color

Citrines come in a variety of colors and are available in the market under different names. Depending upon the shade, citrines are available as Lemon Quartz, Smoky Citrine Quartz. Champagne Citrine. Deep red/orange variants are commonly known as Madeira Citrine. Clear, pale yellow naturally occurring citrines are regarded as the best grade for astrology. On the other hand, Fire Citrine is widely considered the most valuable.


Citrine was previously used for jewelry decoration purposes owing to the absolute ease in cutting and its resultant high-quality finish. Premium cuts can greatly increase the value of a citrine gemstone from an aesthetic point of view, especially in designer citrine jewelry. But people also wear it both for aesthetics and spiritual progress. So a citrine bracelet, citrine necklace, or citrine pendant would make both a fashion statement and keep you spiritually happy. But, cuts do not have any noticeable impact on the stone’s efficacy in the aspects of astrology, physical benefits, or citrine healing properties

Spotting a Fake Citrine

Owing to the similarity and abundance of quartzite minerals on the earth’s surface, it is easy to get duped with a fake citrine. There are actually some methods to spot a fake. Pure citrine is pale yellow in color and transparent. The possible defects are mostly due to heat treatments or impurities within the stone. Be mindful of these when buying a citrine ring.

Heat defects may result in both changes in color or minute internal changes. Bright red-orange or amber color citrine appears due to heat treatment of amethyst or smoky quartz. Internal defects due to heat treatment (also known as the baking procedure) result in a chalky white base at the bottom section. The real gemstone will not have such bases. They have even-coloring. There is no severe contrast throughout the gemstone. The presence of bubbles inside the stone indicates a fake colored glass. There are no bubbles inside an original natural Citrine.  

We hope you had a valuable reading about the citrine healing properties. Please also have a look at the healing and spiritual powers of nuumite.

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