What Does it Mean to Find Angel Feathers?

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The Meaning Behind Finding Angel Feathers

It goes without saying that most of us pay little attention to the signs of energy that surround us. Guardian angels understand how our minds work and will nudge us when something important needs to be noticed. Angel feathers are one way they use to bring attention to a situation or state of mind.

Angels that Protect

Rushing around and trying not to be late for an appointment has caused many fatalities on the highways. If you have a purpose in life, signs, and actions from your Guardian angel can become very vivid. For example, being unable to locate your purse, a car engine that refuses to turn over, or an important phone call that has to be answered are all obstacles that angels use to keep you out of harm’s way. Just when you think you are at the end of your rope with annoying problems, a single white feather may drift down to your feet to give understanding to the mortal problems of the day. Recognize that being deterred can actually be a life-saver and your Higher Power is looking over you.

Loved Ones Visiting

Losing a loved one can be devastating for a very long time. We are constantly reminded of their empty presence through a favorite song, a shared place or a personal thought. When God sees that you are struggling with everyday life due to sadness, He will allow a visit from your loved one to comfort you. However, because of being in a different dimension, only material signs are used for communication. An angel feather or a penny are the most common forms of signs indicating that your loved ones are near and are trying to comfort you. Learn to appreciate their meaning.

Angel feathers are not always white. They may be brown, orange, black or speckled, but should all be considered a sign that your Guardian angel or a loved one is looking over you. Give thanks and stay positive in order to carry on with your appointed mission. Collect your feathers and keep in a jar to remind you of the protection and love that constantly surrounds you. Before long, you will find yourself looking for feathers and enjoying the peace that comes from knowing that good forces are working on your behalf.

What does it mean to find angel feathers

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