An Overview of Affirmations

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Overview of Affirmations

Affirmations are desired goals or actions that an individual wishes to achieve. A positive affirmation is the most common example of changing a present set of circumstances. By changing your way of thinking, the door to manifestation is easier to open and enter. Negativity is an energy that blocks hope, acceptance, compassion and understanding, creating an impossible atmosphere for manifestation to thrive. Here are some steps to take in creating your own personal affirmation and working toward manifestation.

Learn from your Mistakes

Being proven that you are wrong is never an easy pill to swallow. Some people focus on justifying a mistake while others fret over how many people are aware of what has happened. Learn to whisk away these jumbled thoughts and accept that you were incorrect. Place it in your subconscious as a lesson learned and move on.

Trust in Yourself

We are taught at an early age the difference between right and wrong. It can be easy to sway from this thought when attempting to achieve status or acceptance. Never allow yourself to wander into a situation where morals are tested, regardless of what the future may appear to look like. Trust in yourself and have the confidence to make the right decisions.

Accept Others and Their Beliefs

Not everyone has the same outlook and views as you do. You cannot crawl into another’s brain and analyze what makes them believe as you do. Respect the fact that everyone is different and that you are only in charge of making a difference in your own life.

Stay Healthy

A weak mind and body allows negative feelings to creep into your space. Always eat nutritious meals, get plenty of sleep and exercise regularly. You will find that your health contributes to your positive state of mind and staying on track with a positive affirmation.

Live in the Moment

Too many people dwell on a past that cannot be changed. Never look backwards, but live for today in hopes that a bright future is sure to follow. Make a difference in lives around you, if nothing more than bringing a smile to a face.

Manifestation is only possible when the mind is prepared for this step. By accepting yourself and others, staying true to yourself and taking care of your body, the process of manifesting will be a lot easier.

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