What are the Physical Benefits of Meditation?

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What are the Physical Benefits of Meditation?

For centuries, the Western world placed little emphasis on the spiritual practice of meditation. It was seen as an Eastern cultural experience that created a mental stability. Over the years, clinical evidence has shifted the thought pattern with proven benefits that deliver physical benefits through meditation. Although not a cure-all for every illness, statistics prove that many physical conditions can be controlled, or eliminated by regular use of meditation.

Health Insurance StatisticsPhysical Benefits of Meditation

Studies conducted by health insurance companies have discovered that those who practice regular meditation had fewer hospital stays for heart disease, less infectious disease and less tumors. Doctor visits were also reduced by 50% compared to those that did not practice meditation.

Inner City Anxiety and Stress

One group of inner city residents were introduced to meditation in an effort to measure a difference in chronic pain, anxiety, depression, diabetes and hypertension. After active meditation was taught and practiced, there was a 70% overall decrease in anxiety, further improving physical health concerns by 44%. Increased blood circulation has also been noted by as much as 30% in beginners and 65% in experienced meditators.

Insomnia and Chronic Pain

The relaxation of meditation has been found to aid those that have problems falling asleep at night. This may be due to the fact that many perform meditation exercises in the evening. Chronic pain sufferers also report a decrease in symptoms when using meditation on a regular basis.

The list of significant physical benefits continues to grow with more research and testing from the medical community. Heart disease, cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer and immunity are other areas where positive results are being realized. Obesity is another condition that is found to be effective. Meditation is a low-cost intervention that has no side effects, like prescription drugs. Finding the root of the problem instead of temporarily masking symptoms, is a big plus for disease and pain sufferers. Meditation is one way of achieving this balance.

Stress and anxiety are two of the major causes of illness in the United States. By finding a way to combat these chronic conditions, people are healthier and happier. The world comes full circle when the body and mind are used in harmony instead of resistance.

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