The Power of Reiki Healing

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The power of Reiki Healing. Reiki healing is an ancient Japanese practice that combines Rei (higher intelligence) and Ki (non-physical energy) to balance the body with the universe. If we can accept the fact that vibration and energy create sound waves, it should be obvious that this same universal flow can affect our human cells.

Physicians are trained to concentrate on the functions of individual organs and any abnormal findings. However, Reiki relies upon the unseen workings of the universe to offer a power that heals without man-made intervention.

Our life force energy is the same as that which flows throughout plants, rocks and oceans. When turbulence strikes any of these entities, a wounded state can occur. The human body can also be compared to other living matter. However, our brains have been supplied to make us intellectually superior to other living things. We can control our thoughts and actions, as well as our moods.

Negative and positive thoughts control our minds in creating a calm sea or a rumbling storm. Reiki healing is the power of thought to invite our higher intelligence into our bodies to keep a positive flow. With this vibration and energy at levels in sync with the universe, our bodies are able to function as one with the earth.

Have you ever noticed that when you are depressed or angry that certain physical traumas tend to occur? Headaches, stomach aches or joint pain that may or may not have a physical reason? In contrast, when we are happy and comfortable with our thoughts, pains and illness seem to fade. This is the power of Reiki healing.

If you are determined to stay positive to take advantage of the power of Reiki, but cannot get past a low point, there are Reiki practitioners that can help. This type of therapy can be practiced by an expert that could share their own energy with you and show you how beneficial the power of Reiki healing can be.

Our minds were given to us in order to make life as complete as possible and to help others. Sometimes in the hectic nature of the world, our thoughts can become displaced. Try Reiki healing to get back your balanced flow and enjoy life to its fullest.

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The power of Reiki Healing.








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