Crystal of the Month



Each Month our Members Receive a Cleansed Gemstone

Personally Selected by Bob

  • Your gemstone comes in its own individual storage bag
  • Your gemstone comes with a brief description and explanation of its uses, as well as a short explanation of why Bob chose that specific gemstone to come to you at this time.
  • Your gemstone comes with instructions about programming.

Most have heard of the spiritual and healing powers associated with properly cleansed and programmed gemstones.  Different gemstones have unique vibrations and composition.

Bob routinely includes Gemstones in Reiki and Energetic Healings, House Healings, Chakra Balancing, Abundance, and much more.  He also routinely uses Gemstones in his own personal life, as do many others.

Here’s how the program works:

  • Each month your personally selected and cleansed gemstone will be delivered to your door by USPS. (Lower 48 States)
  • Your monthly Gemstone comes it’s a Velvet Bag for safe and easy storage.
  • Your monthly Gemstone will be accompanied by information about the Gemstone and its spiritual and healing properties.
  • Your monthly Gemstone Package also includes a note from Bob explaining the basis for the selection of your Gemstone at this time.

Crystal of the Month is a new program for Intuitive Journey.  Membership is being limited to just 250.

Each month those who join will receive a Gemstone which was selected and Cleansed by Bob.  Gemstones will be shipped the first week of each month and will be delivered to your door via USPS.  Subscription to Crystal of the Month is quarterly, which allows Bob the time to determine the best gemstone, and then personally research and examine the options available, and to receive and cleanse them.

The Introductory Price for this program is just $19.95/month.  Membership is limited to the first 250 subscribers. While we may decide to re-open enrollment in the future, there are no guarantees this will happen since we will not compromise gemstone quality.  The vibration must be right, and the time required to properly prepare each gemstone must be available.

During the first year you will receive one gemstone per month.  Sign up now and you will receive a bonus gemstone, and it’s one of Bob’s favorites; Clear Quartz!

BONUS #1:  We have made arrangements to obtain a significant number of “A” Clear Crystal Stones.  The first delivery is on-hand, with more coming.  Each on-hand gemstone is ready for immediate shipment to you.

BONUS #2:  Bonus #2 is a limited offer!  The first 25 new Crystal of the Month subscribers will receive a signed copy of Bob’s Book, ‘My Intuitive Journey’.


If for any reason you are not absolutely delighted with Crystal of the Month, you can contact us at Your membership will be cancelled immediately, gemstone and information shipments will cease, and no further charges will be made.  You keep any bonuses received as well as all gemstones paid for to that time.


Gemstone Photos are used to depict the stones being described and are representative of the stones actually shipped.  These are tumbled natural stones, and every stone will vary.

The information provided is not represented and should not be taken as medical or health related in any way.  No guarantees can be made as to results.  It is provided to aid in understanding beliefs connected within the metaphysical and holistic realms.  Seek qualified medical help and advice before using if medical/health issues are involved.


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