Distant House Healing



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Distant House Healings and Cleansings are just as effective as those conducted in-person:

  • Your specific concerns are examined first.
  • Next, your house and the surrounding area is examined energetically.
  • Finally, the appropriate cleansing actions are used.
  • Once your Distant House Healing Session is completed, a gemstone will be selected for you.  Your gemstone is taken through a three-step process ending with programming.  It will then be sent to you with directions regarding where it should be placed in/around your home.

If you seek more information about House Cleansings/Healings, read on:

What is a House Healing?

A house healing or clearing a space should be done whenever stagnant or negative energy is present. A stagnant energetic accumulation is often mistaken for a haunting. Hauntings usually have some form of physical interaction whereas a negative energy is more resigned to scents, sounds or an overwhelming feeling that something is amiss.

There are many different reasons why a home is left with dirty energy that pollutes positive energy. For example, an elderly man may have spent much time in a favorite easy chair and peacefully died in this spot. Although there may not have been any type of trauma to the passing, the old man’s signature of presence still exists. Even though nothing is known about the now empty house, this one area can make you feel as if you are intruding another’s space.

Past events, like death, do not have to occur in a building in order for it to be filled with negative energy. The emotions of past visitors can linger in the walls and ceilings. Fear, anger, sadness or illness can remain in a house long after it has been vacated.

A house healing eliminates all past signs of negative energy so that your positive energy can begin with a clean slate. If you have a strong knowledge of God, a prayer is in order asking for His protection. However, it is not necessary to believe in a higher power, only to possess a feeling of love and peace. Your own personal feelings are important in performing the necessary ritual of house healing. If your own energy is one of resentment, the entire process will be in vain.

Keeping a positive and loving attitude during the ritual will provide a one-way doorway for the existing spirits to exit and to continue on with their freedom of mobility. Without this feeling, negative energy feeds other negative energy and the source will not feel a reason to leave.

Even if there are no negative accumulations felt inside a house, a house healing is still recommended. Some areas are dirtier than others and release stronger inclinations. Knowing that your home is completely void of any type of negativity will allow your own energy to run free and never fear of unwanted negative obstacles from the past.

Reasons for Conducting a House Healing

People never used to move around as much as they do today. Every time a home is touched by new owners or tenants, the partial residue of their presence remains. Everyone omits energy from emotions. Whether healthy or unhealthy, a home’s lingering energy can make you feel uncomfortable. Some are able to shrug off the feeling as being in a foreign place while others are not able to shake the presence. By conducting a house healing, all past energies are removed.

What a Dirty Spirit Feels Like

A dirty spirit is the leftover emotions that once claimed a space. What happens behind closed doors turns into a reality when your positive energy collides with the residue of a negative energy. It may be a feeling of fear, anger or intrusiveness when a certain room is entered. Smells are common when a dirty spirit is present. A strong whiff of perfume, a lit cigar or even body odor may suddenly appear without any reason. Sounds, like creaking floors or people whispering, can also indicate that a past energy is present.

Positive Energy under Threat

Achieving positive energy can be very gratifying. Trying to exist in the same space with a negative energy is not possible. Eventually, the negative power will overtake your mind and destroy your comfortable matter. Occurring slowly, you may reach a point of unhappiness, resentfulness or uncontrollable stress. These feelings can be so gradual that the damage is done before you realize what is happening.

There are other reasons why conducting a house healing can benefit you. Unusual energetic features of the land, the flow of underground water sources or simply cleaning out a cluttered room that has remnants of energy are all ways that a dirty house can take shape. It is easier to cleanse a house then to wait and realize that your positive energy has been threatened.

A house cleaning is a simple procedure and the only requirement from you is your existing positive energy, a feeling of love and peace and a desire to spend your future in a well-rounded environment. The ritual does not call for any unusual supplies and your own inner energy will feel the difference once the cleansing is completed.

How does a House Healing Work?

There are different methods that can be used in a house healing. Some include incense sticks, smudge sticks or salt. Fresh herbs are an ancient method of combating different negative energies within spaces and a practice that is still used today.

Your mind, intentions, and thoughts are the main components that are important in a house healing. The incense, resins, charcoal, and smoke are just mere tools to help you tap into your subconscious mind where your true, deep desires and true self-resides. The conscious mind always needs something tangible to hold on to. Whatever tools you wish to use are a personal choice as long as the intent is present.

Examples of Cleansing Products

Herbs offer a wide variety of house healing properties according to Native American tradition. One of the most popular is sage. Used in a smudge stick, sage purifies spaces allowing for more life-enhancing energy to flourish. Keeping a fresh sage plant nearby helps to absorb negativity. Sage also promotes wisdom and learning which is a very good vibration to promote in any ambiance.


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