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About Distant Reiki Healing Energy

There are no walls, no obstructions, no boundaries.  Nothing can stop Remote Reiki Healing Energy.  As a Reiki Master Practitioner, Bob sends wonderfully powerful Healing Reiki Energy anywhere around the world.  In fact, Reiki Energy can be sent to you, a loved one, friends, as well as to pets or animals.  The energy can be sent to your home, a business location, a workplace; anywhere.

  • Distant Reiki Healing      $85.00

Pre-Book a two-session series of sessions and save.  Your sessions will occur on two consecutive days.  Dates and times forwarded in advance of starting.

Two Day Series Distant Reiki Healing Sessions:                          $120.00

Pre-Book a four-day series of sessions and save.  Your sessions will occur on four consecutive days.  Dates and Times forwarded in advance of starting.

Four-Day Series Distant Reiki Healing Sessions:                            $180.00

Distant Reiki Healing (also called Remote Reiki Healing) can be extremely effective.   Read below for more information about Reiki Healing and Distant Reiki Healing.

My Guarantee
Remember: Healing is a process, not a standalone event.  All of us are unique.  While one person may require only a single distant healing session, another may require more.  The number of sessions and the amount of time between each session is up to you.  You are the one who is responsible for your health and well-being.  You must make decisions which are best for you.

What I can guarantee is I will take action in exactly the way I commit.  Whether working face-to-face or remotely, I do not take shortcuts.  The process and steps I follow will be carried out as stated.

The very nature of my work and how I perform it means I cannot and do not guarantee anyone will receive the exact result they request.

 The Power of Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is an ancient Japanese practice that combines Rei (higher intelligence) and Ki (non-physical energy) to balance the body with the universe. Vibration and energy create sound waves, this same universal flow can affect our human cells.

Physicians are trained to concentrate on the functions of individual organs and any abnormal findings. However, Reiki relies upon the unseen workings of the universe to offer a power that heals without man-made intervention.

Our life force energy is the same as that which flows throughout plants, rocks, and oceans. When turbulence strikes any of these entities, a wounded state can occur. The human body can also be compared to other living matter. However, our brains have been supplied to make us intellectually superior to other living things. We can control our thoughts and actions, as well as our moods.

Negative and positive thoughts control our minds in creating a calm sea or a rumbling storm. Reiki healing is the power of thought to invite our higher intelligence into our bodies to keep a positive flow. With this vibration and energy at levels in sync with the universe, our bodies are able to function as one with the earth.

Have you ever noticed that when you are depressed or angry that certain physical traumas tend to occur? Headaches, stomach aches or joint pain that may or may not have a physical reason? In contrast, when we are happy and comfortable with our thoughts, pains and illness seem to fade. This is the power of Reiki healing.

If you are determined to stay positive to take advantage of the power of Reiki but cannot get past a low point, there are Reiki practitioners that can help. This type of therapy can be practiced by an expert that has the ability to share their own energy with you and show you how beneficial the power of Reiki healing can be.

Our minds were given to us in order to make life as complete as possible and to help others. Sometimes in the hectic nature of the world, our thoughts can become displaced. Try Reiki healing to get back your balanced flow and enjoy life to its fullest.

5 Reasons to try Distant Reiki Healing

Reiki is a form of natural healing. Distant Reiki Healing allows you to share this healing energy with anyone remotely. By raising your body’s vibration level, you can send this amazing power to anyone in the world via psychokinesis. This is a powerful tool in helping others and has to be mastered in order to be effective. But, once you have reached this level of energy, you can help others with physical or emotional problems. While you are the primary source, you are showing others how to receive benefits from their own energy. Here are some of the benefits that Distant Reiki Healing can hold for you:

  • Feelings of anger, fear, greed, and hatred can be addressed and soothed in people without traveling to their location.
  • Physical ailments, like arthritis, back pain, migraines, stomach problems and sinusitis can be cured from a distance.
  • Learning a new and refreshing way of life can be adopted to cure your own ills and those of others.
  • Reiki treatments are safe, non-invasive and non-addictive. They present no side effects and can last if you are willing to engage.
  • Gratitude, love, and respect are learned and enhanced through positive energy of the Reiki principles.

Distant Reiki Healing is not a cure-on-demand solution to current situations or illness. Rather, it is a fine-tuned method for realizing that your energy levels control all aspects of your life. This method takes time, focus and intention that can only be realized through connecting through your own body vibration.

Does Distant Reiki Healing Really Work?

Reiki healing is all about energy. While some medical practitioners indicate that there is no scientific reasoning or proof behind this ancient form of healing, many individuals are quick to argue otherwise.

A skilled Reiki Master or someone that has earned the attunement in Reiki Healing understands why and how Distant Reiki Healing works because they perform the ritual time and time again. Scientists demand facts to where the invisible energy comes from. The fact that radiation is pure energy seems immaterial to them.

Therefore, New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Campus conducted one of the first studies ever performed that determined the effectiveness of Reiki treatments on the autonomic nervous system. The lowering of heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure were positive signs that further clinical testing should be done.

Since this remarkable achievement, several hospitals and medical centers have used test subjects, led by Reiki Masters, to prove the promising results in areas such as:

  • Post-operative pain after tooth extraction
  • Cognition in elderly, related to dementia/Alzheimer’s
  • Pre-operative relaxation and post-op pain
  • Pain in chronically ill patients
  • Depression and stress
  • Well-being in Reiki practitioners

Further, it didn’t seem to matter if the patient was directly in front of a Reiki practitioner or a hundred miles away. The ability for energy to travel is not unlike how light travels via particles in space.

However, the simplest and most logical way to know if Distant Reiki Healing works is to ask those that have been on the receiving end of the treatment. Most clients notice a sense of calm and decreased stress during and immediately after a long-distance Reiki session. The major focus of the healing is to re-balance your system in order for negative energy to be released. After feeling how comfortable you could actually be, it is no surprise that people are willing to follow the steps to a more positive and meaningful life.

Reiki healing is now recognized by Alternative Healing Organizations and some medical institutes for helping patients cope with anxiety, stress, and pain. This is a major milestone for proving that Reiki Healing, including Distance Reiki Healing, really works.

Why Healing is a Process and not a One-Time Event

We are so used to taking a pill and recovering from an illness that the main reason for feeling bad can often elude us. Medication is a good way to fight certain infections and disease, but not a cure-all for our bodies. History has taught us that natural healing can deliver great results and balancing our energy can keep our systems from harboring sickness.

For example, Reiki healing may aid in taking away the trauma of sickness or injury, but without deciding to hold on to this energy, ills can soon return. Everyone is responsible for their own bodies and this includes putting a maintenance program in place. This requires the will to succeed, the patience to endure and a belief system that is held in everything that we do.

Think of how well-balanced and content you feel after a Reiki treatment. Imagine feeling this same peace and comfort each morning when you awaken. This positive refreshing energy is still present but has a tendency to decline with the negativity of the world. Turning on the TV, driving down the road, or just answering the phone can bring on an attack of negative energy in a few minutes.

Call it spiritual healing or mind over matter, but the truth is that the universe is one in every living thing. We, as humans, have been blessed with the ability to control our own bodies with the right thought process and a willingness to accept a higher power that is in control. When we eat or drink foods that are unnatural, stomach ills begin to form. The same holds true for keeping our thoughts positive instead of negative.

Get on your own wellness program today and feel the healing relief from living a life free of illness and despair. Start each day with a silent prayer of thanks and meditate for the power to withstand the day’s negative advances. Ask yourself at day’s end how you feel. Use this process of healing and keep a healthier and happier life in your future.

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