Properties of Amethyst

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Amethyst is associated with the Crown Chakra. This purple quartz is popular and mysterious to those that collect gems, heal with crystals and work within the energy field. Outside of its beautiful appearance and intriguing formations, Amethyst has amazing properties for improving your well-being.

Peaceful Sleep and Dreams

The spiritual nature of Amethyst helps to incorporate healing, meditation and peace. Because of its calming property, sleep comes easily and dreams are welcomed. By placing under a pillow, it can attract astral projections, past life regressions, lucid dreams and prophetic dreams. The user is also blessed by waking refreshed and content.

Spiritual Guidance

Amethyst has a powerful property of bridging the gap to the spiritual world. It protects one on journeys to different planes, brings wisdom for reflection and keeps the vibration level high and even. Amethyst is a great aid in raising psychic awareness. Many use amethysts in meditation for reaching a new level of existence.

Health Benefits

It has been said that Amethyst can conquer the ills of addiction to alcohol, drugs or emotional problems, such as gambling. By drinking an amethyst elixir, hangovers can also be relieved. As far back as the deities Bacchus, Dionysus (gods of wine and libation) and Diana, Amethyst has been used for headache pain and arthritis. The Crown Chakra is located in the brain and closely tied to the nervous system where pain starts. By bringing this area into balance, physical attributes follow.

Love and Happiness

Love and happiness are often experienced when Amethyst is allowProperties of amethysted to enter the Crown Chakra. This helps to conquer negative space and become more receptive to friends and family members. When experiencing such emotions, it is not unusual to attract these emotions from others, as well.

Amethyst crystals are popular, inexpensive and necessary when wanting to gain a higher frequency to the spiritual. From small tumbled stones to natural crystal points, having Amethyst close to your body is simple to achieve. You can also find in clusters, geodes and cathedrals for display in your home or office.

The mysterious energy of Amethyst can help balance the 7 charkas in each person by pinpointing areas of inadequacies. Meditate with Amethyst, follow its lead and realize a heightened awareness and ability to better control your life.

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