Properties of Blue Kyanite

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Properties of Blue Kyanite

Although not discovered until the 19th century, blue kyanite is freely found in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Burma, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and the USA. The name was taken from the Greek word kyanos, meaning blue. This stone is also known as Disthene. It is made of aluminum silicate mineral. First used as a traveler’s tool, it acts as a compass that follows the earth’s magnetic force. Different shades of blues and greens are commonly found and used today as jewelry.

Blue Kyanite Metaphysical Properties

Although considered a 5th chakra gem, blue kyanite is excellent to use for the entire body. It aids you in any attunement, giving you positive energy and vibrations. Always have this crystal among your selection when meditating to promote better balance, regardless of your specific chakra of interest. Kyanite induces tranquility and calm in addition to enhancing psychic awareness. When worn around the neck, communication skills are enhanced, and your words’ meaning is easily conveyed. If you are considering learning a new language, blue kyanite is beneficial. The stone does not require any cleaning. You need to wipe off the dust from the stone. 

As the 5th Chakra

Without making a conscious decision to balance all chakras, blue kyanite will perform this function automatically. Achieving spiritual attunement becomes easier, and higher levels of knowledge are reached. This is why communication skills are better when this crystal is worn around the neck area. Astral, ethereal, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual layers can also be heightened with a conscious effort.

Prevents Psychic Attacks

Blue kyanite is a natural grounding crystal and can calm excess vibrations. When kept close to the body or placed under a bed pillow, you can rest assured that this stone’s protective nature will help eliminate any psychic attacks that may be waiting for an opportunity. Perfect for use in the dream state, more lucid, and the ability to recall is enhanced. Anyone with low vibration can feel dizzy in front of this stone. It has the power to raise the vibrations of the person wearing this stone. This blue kyanite stone strengthens the functions of the brain. It also improves the functions of your central nervous system, thus increasing flexibility and skill. While meditating, wearing this stone will change your brain waves from beta to alpha. It will also still your mind and stop any intervening thoughts. 

Other blue kyanite properties are that it gives you more insight, integrity, and self-respect. It is also popular as a stone of prudence. It gives you a longer life. The bluestone also encourages contemplation and, if used correctly, results in providing you with deep knowledge. 

How to Wear

Blue kyanite crystals are a gem to keep with your quartz and amethyst for meditational work. However, wearing this crystal as a blue kyanite pendant or blue kyanite necklace or a blue kyanite ring will provide an aura of protection and harmony during travel.

Blue kyanite pendant
Blue kyanite pendant

The beautiful hues are becoming more readily available and blue kyanite jewelry is also a good fashion trend. Blue Kyanite stone, when worn as jewelry, can help you to take advantage of its brilliant healing powers. And for people who want to take advantage of its natural, unrestrained energy, this healing stone can be placed directly on your skin. This will stimulate your body, and the crystal’s energy will flow smoothly.

This stone, when worn as jewelry, is not only gorgeous but also encourages you to foster the right intention and positive vibes wherever you go. And if this blue kyanite stone jewelry is worn as a bracelet, it will help you feel your heartbeat. And its strong powers will work on unblocking your chakras and as well as your aura. Many crystal suppliers offer a wide selection of blues to choose from. Wearing this stone as a pendant or jewelry will give you the strength to express yourself assertively. Speaking truth is also another strength that this stone will provide you with. This means a better sense of self-worth. This stone will make you aware of the energy flowing easily inside and outside your body, calming your body to a great extent. This makes it a must-use stone always!

Healthify Yourself

The Blue Kyanite stone also promotes health benefits as it helps in treating any urological problems. It is beneficial in treating fever, adrenal as well as parathyroid glands. It aids in revitalizing your muscles, throat, and brain. This should help you think better and faster. Also, it removes bacteria in your body and reduces your blood pressure. The stone can also balance swelling in your body. Also, it helps to increase food intake and assists in deep sleep. It means a calmer you during the day. It can help you in recovering from any alignment problem in the spinal cord. Such health benefits warrant its extensive use. Make sure you get it at the first opportunity. Why not live a healthier life with its help?

Blue kyanite stone
Blue kyanite stone

Home & Office Comfort

This stone, when kept in your home, uplifts your surroundings. This blue Kyanite stone can aid in bringing synchronization to your home. It also improves confidence while speaking to your clients or employees. You need to only keep this stone somewhere in your office. It always keeps you focused while at home or office. This stone is also known for its water properties and promotes silence, growth, and a feeling of purity. Wearing this blue stone as jewelry also helps you to make tough decisions in life easily. Thus you are sure to grow as a person.

With so many benefits, it should always be used by everyone. A healthy body helps in getting a healthy mind. A healthy mind helps in becoming a healthy soul. With so much to gain, one should use this stone, always. It can be a life-changing experience for anyone. Go for it, don’t waste a minute! There is so much to gain from a single stone!

Happy Ending

In short, blue kyanite healing properties includes healing broken bones and balancing all seven chakras. Blue kyanite metaphysical properties also include clearing your energy meridians. It never stores any negative energy and vibrations. This stone aids in reducing any irritation, nuisance, misunderstanding, and anxiety. It enhances your logical thought and boosts perseverance. It aids in connecting to your higher self and your spirit guide. Also, it will revitalize your energy and also assist in overcoming any trauma. 

Blue kyanite stones from a quarry
Blue kyanite stones from a quarry

All these benefits and properties of this magnificent stone give a new kind of sense to the words blue kyanite meaning nothing short of being heavenly!

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