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Properties of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a rare and mysterious crystal. Although it shares the same chemical formula as clear crystal, citrine or amethyst, it possesses a warm shade of rose color. Scientists can only guess as to this reason, often pointing to a heavier mineral content of titanium, iron or manganese. The most common form of rose quartz is semi-transparent or opaque.  There are several unique properties of rose quartz.

Transparent specimens are extremely rare.

The Love Stone

In the metaphysical world, rose quartz is recommended as a calming and soothing stone when worn against the skin. It encourages love, forgiveness and friendship and eases emotional trauma. The heart is awakened to allow these senses to become easily opened to promote an energy path. Sincere love is not always simple to find. By using rose quartz, the spiritual realm is able to open the heart to begin cleansing from emotional blockages.

Traditional Meanings

Found in Madagascar, South Africa, Brazil, India, and some parts of the US, Ancient Egyptians found this stone to be useful in postponing aging. This may be due to the fact that rose quartz can help to regenerate the skin. It was also used over newborns to help ease the transition from the spiritual world to the physical plane.

Healing with Rose Quartz

The heart and circulatory system are the main physical areas that benefit from rose quartz. Strengthening the heart muscle and helping to prevent thrombosis and heart attacks, this crystal continues its healing pattern for those that suffer from depression, insomnia and mental problems.

Opening Suppressed Emotions

Rose quartz does not always deliver a warm and fuzzy feeling. Be prepared to face some emotional pain that could come to the surface from the subconscious mind. These are areas that need to be addressed and once you have confronted them, a new beginning can be started. These challenges may not always be welcome, but rose quartz can soothe the transgression for facing them and moving on.

The positive nature of rose quartz will help to restore love and trust that may be absent in relationships. Bathing with these crystals have been known to bring great joy and sensuality in your life. You can also place rose quartz under a pillow for pleasing dreams and calming emotions of the heart. In the home, place rose quartz stones in the far right corner of a room as seen from the entrance.

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