Recognize and Acknowledge Your Accomplishments for a Happier Life

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Being humble is a wise attitude to embody. Those with a favorite topic of consistent discussion about themselves turn others off.  A time should come when it is wise to give yourself a much-needed, and well-deserved pat on the back.  Yes; you do have to recognize and acknowledge your own accomplishments at some point.  Doing so can help one’s outlook on life improve.

Sometimes, feeling good requires taking time out to put personal accomplishments into perspective.  What one has already achieved may even be more valuable than what one strives to achieve.  After all, achievements reflect having done something concrete and valuable.  While a journey towards achieving a goal can be adventurous, arriving at clear results is equally – if not more – important.  At the very least, an understanding of one’s accomplishments reveals progress is being made in life.  This alone can end up being the source of happiness.

No one should be docile and cease to try to accomplish new things in life. Once complacency sets in, life has a tendency to become very boring.  Yet, it would not be beneficial to always look ahead and never bask in the glow of what has been achieved.  A World Series winning team should not immediately think about the next season.  Basking a bit in the glory of the World Series win helps provide the necessary motivation to continue to succeed.

While not everyone is part of a World Series winning team, everyone experiences a win here and there.  Basking in those little wins is still worthwhile.

Resisting the desire to live in the past must also be done.  Thinking too much of previous success can lead to not taking the necessary steps to do more for the future.

As the old axiom goes, anyone who has succeeded in the past is sure to succeed in the future.  This is provided the person takes the right, realistic steps.  Examining what succeeded previously helps serve a reminder of what will need to be done to arrive at similar results in the future.  Constantly succeeding and doing the right things is sure to contribute to one’s overall happiness.

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