How to Recognize When Archangel Raphael is Present

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This angel of healing uses different methods of making his presence known. Whimsical in nature, Raphael often mixes the conscious with the subconscious to bring a smile to your face. Knocking books from shelves or moving objects are examples of how he sometimes demonstrates his presence.

Emotional and Physical Healing Similarities

While physical illness can be hard to cope with, the cause can be one of stress, depression or anger. Raphael may work to bring you conscious to a level of love and understanding, working on the physical problems. You may be directed to others that hold the key to the answer or suddenly know the reason behind a pain. Not all ailments begin with the body, but with turmoil within the soul.

Prayer and Dreams

Before falling asleep, pray for Raphael to come and lead you to a solution. Many times, his guidance will be delivered in the form of a dream. Keep an open mind if parables are used and align with your own situation.

New Appreciation of Nature

If you find yourself thinking about the color green or feel the need to spend time outdoors, be assured that Raphael is near. The natural flow of the world is often able to create a positive attitude within people if they would only stop and smell the roses. Raphael is a lover of the environment and spending time in this atmosphere will many times point to negative reasons for emotional or physical problems.

Depending on the type of despair that is inflicted upon you, Archangel Raphael is quick to respond to your plea. Pay close attention and meditate to enable you to feel his presence. He will be with you immediately and work to help you see the steps that need to be taken. Look for answers, also, through thoughts, feelings, or visions. You may have a strong intuition to follow a certain path or to contact a certain individual.

Archangel Raphael is quick to respond to your request so pay attention and take heed. Otherwise, he may pull a book off the shelf and drop it at your feet to catch your attention.

How to recognize Archangel Raphael.

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  1. Marta

    Beatiful thanks

    • Rosalinda Dela Pena

      Angel Raphael is my precuous friend, I dream of Angel him, five years he appeared infront me with him feet not touching the ground, i saw his whole body but his face was not clear as if there’s smoke or cloud on his face, and he spoke to me in my native language “DALAWA ANG MUKHA NG TAO”, in English Men Has Two Faces. Which at first i didn’t know how to interprete.

    • Fiona McBean

      Love it!!..thank u😚☺


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