How to Recognize When Archangel Uriel is Present

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God created angels because he knew that humanity would seek help from time to time. Since, God might not be available at all times, he created angels. Angels are many, but archangels are a countable few. Out of these archangels someone that has the ability to steal the limelight is Archangel Uriel. Sometimes we need a friend to listen to our problems and soothe rattled emotions. While talking out worries is a wonderful way of finding understanding, it is only temporary. Archangel Uriel is particularly known for his strong yet subtle persona. 

When you call upon Archangel Uriel as a confidant, answers to your problems become known..Uriel archangel has been known to guide several great personalities. Fables and tales are evidence of his fairness and quick wit. It is also known that though he is not a warrior angel, yet he has helped Archangel Michael in combating and defeating several lethal demons. 

Apart from this, Archangel Uriel is known to be the keeper of all prophecies in the universe. He is the guardian of north, and that’s the main reason why Feng Shui also considers as a pious direction. In many cultures north and north east direction are considered to be the most angelic directions of all. The most important part is, sitting in a triangular boundary and meditating facing towards north, increases the chances of contacting Archangel Uriel. The reason behind this is, the number 3 symbolises Archangel Uriel. Uriel archangel is sure to respond you sooner if you follow these protocols while contacting him. 

Archangel Uriel 


Archangel Uriel is subtle in his/her approach to offering aid. We cannot expect a dramatic answer, like sentences appearing before our eyes, telling us exactly what to do. Instead, Uriel uses different ways of nudging to send us on the right path, depending on our particular problem. For example, a yes or no response may come in the form of a lovely visit from a white dove, or a sting from a bee as we step outside. If you contact Uriel for an answer, pay close attention to the things around you.

Why the colour of Uriel archangel is green?

The best known sign to spot archangel Uriel is to look for a halo of faint green to dark green light. It’s right, Archangel Uriel colour is green. Depending on the faith that you exhibit, the light intensifies. The reason why the colour of Uriel archangel is green is because he exhibits the earth element. Archangel Uriel is a master at manipulating the earth elements. He is known to draw energy from the surroundings. It is also known that in his presence, flora and fauna flourish in leaps and bounds. 

Heightened intuition is another method that Archangel Uriel uses in delivering a message. We all experience times when something just feels right or wrong. Do not try to force this feeling, but allow your mind to rely on your angel if you have asked for help. Having negative thoughts about a person or situation may be Uriel’s way of telling you to rethink a venture. On the other hand, you may wake one morning and suddenly feel jubilant and at ease with a situation that you have been struggling with.

A disc of sun and a disc of constellation and stars are the Archangel Uriel symbol.  Whenever you come across such symbols, whether in dreams or in nature, make sure that you look back into your subconscious. These are Archangel Uriel symbols to let you know something. Uriel Archangel kindles a fire on his palms as well. This is another symbol of the angel trying to guide you. Whenever you feel warmth in your subconscious, just make sure to look for other symbols. It might just means that your subconscious mind and your soul are absorbing his ethereal energy. 

Because we have been granted free will by our Heavenly Father, His angels will never force an answer upon us. However, by listening for suggestions, we can emerge with the answers to emotional problems through asking. Archangel Uriel is best known as a helper of wisdom and light. Uriel is also great when trying to come up with ideas, getting motivated, or dealing with relationships.

Archangel Uriel 

Archangel Uriel’s color

 It is amber, reflecting love and light. Keep this color close in your thoughts or wear a necklace of this stone. It can be easy to forget about our initial conversation with Uriel in our busy lives. Keep his/her presence close in your mind and pay attention to the little hints that are thrown your way.

If you are a person who draws their energy from nature, then you should definitely meditate over Archangel Uriel. Try wearing green clothes and manifesting by etching on green candles under the night sky and on the lawn. If you want to seek guidance from archangel Uriel, put your faith on him first. Nothing attracts angels more than faith, love and strong manifestation. In order to request Archangel Uriel to be your guiding angel, make sure you attract him with a lot of greenery in your abode. With the right amount of sincerity, faith and manifestation, I am sure you would definitely be able to establish a connection with Archangel Uriel

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How to recognize when Archangel Uriel is Present

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