How Does Reiki Energy Work?

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How Does Reiki Energy Work

Life can only exist with a will to survive. Dying from a broken heart is not impossible to imagine when the flow of energy becomes stagnant. Depression, negative thoughts, and living in the past can disrupt the natural channel of one’s energy field, bringing on physical and emotional trauma. Reiki is one form of healing the body’s pathways of energy, reasserting the will to exist. Not all situations are this extreme, but they do stress how important energy flow really is.

Reiki practitioners have a special attuned ability that is acquired through classes taught by a Reiki Master. It is not necessary to use a skilled teacher to receive Reiki energy, but many have found the results much more beneficial. Healers with developed abilities are able to see the life flow through a patient’s body and redirect it where the line has become disrupted. Over 50% of all Reiki instructors have found their powers improve significantly through proper training.

What is Expected of the Patient?

There is little that a patient has to do to prepare for a Reiki session. They lie down on a table, fully clothed, on their back. The practitioner locates the 7 chakra points of the body and uses only their hands to pass over these areas. Sometimes, stones or cups are used to position the exact points. The patient never enters any type of altered state, but simply receives the aura of Reiki energy from the practitioner. A skilled instructor can see and feel the broken segments and bring them back together.

There is no uncomfortable feeling during the session. In fact, many patients have commented that they could actually feel the affected parts coming alive with rejuvenation. This can be anything from an ailing liver to a depressed state of mind. Once your body has come into balance with its own Reiki energy, it feels as if a large stone has been lifted from your very being.

Reiki energy can be the answer to symptoms that seem impossible to find an answer to. Not all of the cures involve a drug or change in lifestyle. Coming to see your body as part of the universe and how energy plays an important part, can lead you in the right direction through Reiki healing. If you are new to this type of treatment, it is recommended to seek a well-recognized Reiki instructor for best results.

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