How to Request Archangel Gabriel’s Presence

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Archangel Gabriel is a patient soul that cares about your well-being. While other archangels may appear immediately after your call, Gabriel is careful to make sure that you are ready to receive a message. Sometimes we wish to find our life’s goal, but on our terms. Once you are ready to make sacrifices, listen to a Higher Power and do the work, Archangel Gabriel will appear.


One way to summon Gabriel is through prayer. Be sincere and specific in your need for clarity or guidance to a particular problem. For example, a job may have you twisted in knots. Although you need the money to support your family, make a plea to Gabriel for strength or the insight to select another career. It is difficult to know which way to turn when the future seems so far away. The answer may come in the form of a dream or a conversation with a friend. Keep your mind open and ready to watch for Gabriel’s message.

Be Ready for a Challenge

Archangel Gabriel may present an answer to you that you feel has nothing to do with your request. It is all relevant. Do not challenge his/her reply. You are the one that is asking for help. The answer may come in small pieces that lead to a bigger picture down the road. It could be making friends with someone that you dislike or doing an act that pleases God. Never question the reason, but be prepared to submit.


Before going to sleep, ask Archangel Gabriel to deliver a message in your dreams. Although you may not remember your dream upon waking, it is held in your subconscious. Try meditating to bring the answer to your conscious. The dream may be portrayed in parables, but simple to understand.

Gabriel will never ignore your request for help. It is often us that fail to listen. Keep your mind open and never dismiss an answer as one that you do not want to accept. Egos and not wanting to change are often the reason that we do not hear Gabriel when he/she is, in fact, sending us a message.

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