How to Request Archangel Raphael’s Presence

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Raphael the archangel is one of the seven archangels that serve the throne of GOD. With the spirit of humankind imbibed in his personality, Guardian angel Raphael is known to be the spirit angel of a great number the same. . For every archangel there exists certain prayers. Prayers that help you focus and stress on the manifestation of summoning the guardian angel Raphael.  Guardian angel Raphael prayers are one of the best ways to summon the holy angels and experience archangel Raphael signs. of people. You are mistaken if you think that Raphael the archangel only answers to his own stewards. It’s definitely not true. You just need to know the right way to seek him.

 How you ask for help from Archangel Raphael is not as important as desiring for him to appear. Have you ever read a sentence in a book, but have no idea of what you just read? Asking for archangel Raphael to come to your aid is like this. You truly must have your mind and soul in the request and not just repeat words.

Free Will



Freewill plays an important role in the lives of humankind. Afterall, we are as good as our choices. Our choices make us and so do our free ill to make those choices. The universe has a plethora of secrets in its chest and works in mysterious ways. Being the holiest most exquisite creatures of the universe, angels are no less. But what is lesser known about the Archangel Raphael is that he has an extremely friendly personality. The surest of the archangel raphael signs is the feeling of being accepted. 

It doesn’t matter if you call for Raphael vocally or silently. Just do it. It all depends on the intentions afterall. Moreover, it’s the energy of your soul that wll summon  him and not your voice. Your voice is just a physical tool. It is as corporeal as your body. You can either look for archangel Raphael prayer in the testament or compose a prayer of your own. It all depends on the dedication and intensity of the manifestation that you have. If you decide to compose a prayer, make sure your words reflect exactly what you want, that is, for him to come to you. 

Because man has been given free will to follow their own course in life, an angel will not enter your territory without being invited. Think of it as an appointment that you make. The call is made, you prepare for the meeting and everything goes as planned. If you merely mention that someone should stop by, this is not a request. Raphael knows what your weaknesses are, but will not interfere with your free will unless you call upon him.




The merits and perks of prayers have been long known to the humankind. Regular prayers will not only feed to the strength of angels b ut will also make sure that your soul is guarded against the evil of both the worlds. Archangel Raphael prayer is known to have healing powers to the one chanting it. Archangel Raphael has a very soothing and healing aura. He is known to be able to heal wounded souls. Many of the stewards of guardian angel Raphael claim to have completely healed from their wounded souls. Soul resurrection is one the most precious power that archangel Raphael posseses. 

Begin your request by speaking directly to Archangel Raphael. State your affliction and ask that he relieve the pain, sadness or despair with his eternal powers. Be willing to follow whatever path Raphael suggests. Next, keep this request firmly in the front of your mind so that you are watching intently for him to show up. Repeat the request often. If there are signs of improvement, thank Raphael for his help and keep praying to him for continued improvement.

Keep an Open Mind



Having an open mind surely does help when you look forward to connecting to archangel Raphael, or for that instance any angel. A mind clouded with worries, judgement and the chaos of worldly affairs is not the very best tool to summon the angel. Clear your mind of all debris and chaos. Don’t think about the pain that you are going through. Fill your heart and your soul with gratitude. Nothing will attract archangel Raphael more than the aura of your soul. Having a clear mind is a vision that you should strive for before you even think of connecting with guardian angel Raphael.  

Guardian Angel Raphael

Sometimes, the form of healing is not what we expect. We may be asked to provide a task that doesn’t appear to have anything to do with your quest for relief. This may be Raphael’s way of laying the groundwork for your answer. Do not question or argue with the orders. If you had the answers, Raphael would not have been needed.

Archangel Raphael will never turn you away if you are sincere in your request. Be willing to listen and to act upon his recommendations. Never forget to thank Raphael for his quick and reassuring path to a better life. Angels like to know that they have been helpful and appreciated.

With Archangel Raphael by your side, you are sure to reach great heights. It is often believed that with the presence of Archangel Raphael, even humans are known to heal fellow beings and animals. Make sure you pay attention to all details and identify archangel Raphael symbols. If you seek his presence, acquaint yourself with the signs and symbols related to him. Look for flourishing flora, healing aura, emerald hues and halos and a feeling of warmth to detect his presence. You subconscious has got all the resources to encode and decode messages to the angels. The only thing required is the realisation of the same.

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