The Right Messages to Send to the Universe to Manifest Health

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Often, health is forgotten in the scope of life until we are faced with illness or disease. It can change a person’s attitude about what is important in life. A quote from Augusten Burroughs sums this up nicely:
“When you have your health, you have everything. When you do not have your health, nothing else matters at all.”

Never wait until poor health is noticeable in your life, but take steps to consciously create wellness with the universe. The universe offers all that is needed in maintaining good health if we are willing to listen and take the right steps that are needed.

Step 1 – Look Within

Meditation is an excellent way to find the wisdom needed to get on the right path to wellness. During this journey, you may find other areas that are significant to avoidable causes of sickness.

Step 2 – Focus on Good Health

Use your mind to concentrate on good health. If you have a health issue, do not constantly think of the worst that can happen, but show gratitude for the positive aspects that are present. Your conscious will be able to better attract the right vibrations for wellness.

Step 3 – Treat your Emotional State

Mind over matter plays a significant part in creating reality. It is easy to focus and build on an illness that is intrusive to our physical being. However, by using your emotions in a positive manner, you can attract the energy from the universe in seeing the bigger picture.

Many times, poor health comes from ignoring the rules of the universe in how we treat our bodies. Other times, it can be seen as a learning process to make us stronger.  Connect with the universe to understand that the physical, emotional and spiritual realms can attract the energy necessary to ward off poor health.

Use positive affirmations each day and be accepting of health issues as a part of life. Listen to your inner guidance, whether it comes through meditation, dreams or intuition in ways to improve your health. The answers will come when the powers of the universe are welcomed into your life.


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