What is the Role of a Spirit Guide?

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Think of the role of a spirit guide as that of a teacher. There is no way that we can depend on ourselves to provide all of the answers of the world without some type of supernatural guidance. If you do not believe this, your earthly knowledge will eventually lead to demise. There are too many signs of superior spirituality in the universe to make man think that their own suggestive presence keeps it all together. A spirit guide is with you always and can teach you things about the laws of the world, and how to utilize your God-given skills to make yourself, and others, more comfortable while here on earth.

Mistakes of Spiritual Seekers

It can be difficult to comprehend a spirit guide that has no physical attributes. We like to be able to see and touch our surroundings to know that they are real. While it is possible to gain insight from a physical teacher of spirituality, they do not have the ability to open your karma to what lies within your soul. Only by opening yourself up to the fact that an invisible presence exists within you, will the process of acceptance begin. Be cautious of those that promise a world of bliss by giving them money or following their programs.

What a Spirit Guide will do for You

A spirit guide is a glimpse into the future and can help you see the path that has been created for you, and you alone. Not every path will lead to peace of mind, even when we see others follow it. This is done by forming a relationship with your personal spirit guide and allowing your intuition to come into full bloom. That little voice inside may tell you that going to a gathering is a bad idea, but you go anyway. All day you may feel as if something bad is going to happen, and then it does. Your intuition, powered by your spirit guide, tried to give you ample warning.

Sometimes, spirit guides can take on the shape of humans or animals to further prevent you from causing yourself harm. This depends on how advanced you are in your ability to trust in your personal spiritual teacher. Imagine the difference in the world today if everyone would just put their arrogance aside and listen to their spirit guide.


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