The Role of Thoughts and Emotions in Manifesting Your Desires

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Manifesting Your DesiresYour thoughts and emotions are what drive the manifestation of desire. It is not enough to merely wish for something badly. Being in the right state of mind and learning to control your thoughts and emotions can deliver a positive response much sooner.

Why Thoughts are Important

You have probably heard couples mention how it takes a lot of work to keep a marriage happy. Keeping your thoughts on a positive level without blame and anger works much better for a healthy relationship. The same applies to yourself and manifesting your desires. Too often, situations and people create a negative outlook on what you are hoping to achieve. If you allow your thoughts to shift to defeat, your vibration level quickly drops. Everyone has those days when sadness or depression sets in. These are times when emotions must kick in and stimulate your thoughts.

Emotions can Create Higher Feelings

Man is blessed (or cursed) with a variety of emotions. Understanding your feelings and taking control of them is easier than you may think. Write down a list of common emotions and work on them continually to keep them under control. Positive emotions are: happiness, joy, bliss, appreciation, gratitude, love, peace, admiration, certainty, confidence, faith, courage, hope, freedom and trust. List these on one side of a paper. Negative emotions are: condemnation, guilt, worry, disappointment, resentment, fear, insecurity, doubt, hesitation and sadness. List these on the opposite side of your paper. Take a role call of where you stand with these emotions several times a day. If you have always been a pessimist, it may take longer to realize just how miserable you are and for the vibrations to be brought up to an optimistic level.

The thoughts and feelings of an individual are naturally ingrained in the mind, simply due to repetition. Make up your mind to overcome boredom, anger or monotony by meditating and taking part in only those activities that create a sense of creativity and wonder. Listen to music that makes you smile or watch a sitcom that makes you laugh. Distance yourself from drama and gossip. And always keep your desires in the forefront of your mind where your positive vibrations can swirl around them often.


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