Root Chakra Color and Gemstones

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Root Chakra ColorRoot Chakra Color and Gemstones

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine. Chakras pull cosmic energy into the body via light rays. Energy is dispersed along the spine so that it streams all through the body. As long as the energy is not disturbed, our body is in balance.
Each of the seven chakras draws in a specific color ray. The red ray is drawn through the first chakra to supply us with energy and vitality. However, a surplus or deficiency creates an imbalance and disturbs our energy flow.

For example, the correct amount of energy in the root chakra will give you a sense of solidity, grounding you to earth. If the root chakra is over-energized, you feel sluggish and likely fear change. A lack of energy in this area can cause fear for our survival.

Red, which is the color connected with the root chakra, symbolizes strength, vitality and life. It is the color of fire, blood and the delicate rose.  Spiritually, red connotes faith, love and charity.

Universally, red is a symbol of danger – think stop signs and red lights. An excess of red energy brings negativity out of the shadows such as, hot-temper, irritability, cruelty, intolerance and lust.  When root chakra energy is in balance, positive attributes such as creativity, ambition and self-confidence are in the forefront.

Our body absorbs energy from gems and stones. They are especially useful in meditation. You may not resonate with certain gems/stones, so if you begin feeling disoriented or spacey, or demonstrate strong physical symptoms, such as headache or nausea, then don’t work with that particular gemstone.

Red Gemstones are associated with our root chakra.

Ruby is the most powerful and most expensive of all gemstones. It emits red rays and is useful in working with the root and heart chakras.

Other gemstones for clearing and revitalizing root chakra:
Garnet, Red-Jasper, Moonstone, Rose Quartz and Red Calcite.

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