See It and Then Be Grateful for All You Have

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See It and Then Be Grateful for All You Have

We live in a world where competition for the best clothes, cars, gadgets, and many other signs of material wealth can be fierce especially.  This is especially true in the age of social media.  It becomes easy to become disappointed with our inability to acquire material wealth, dismayed at the apparent success of peers, and discontented with our own lives.  Truly; these are not the things we will want to live with on a daily basis!

Fortunately, it is possible to escape this vicious cycle of seeing and envying! Instead, adopt an attitude of gratitude that, in the process, will result in a happier life.  Your life, as well as the lives of others you come in contact with will become better, too.  A positive attitude in life can be very contagious.

Be Thankful for Blessings, Large and Small

You will delightedly discover that when you keep an eye out for blessings, large and small, your sense of gratitude will grow stronger every day.  You can keep a gratitude journal for this purpose.  You can also store your blessings in your memory.

You neither have to catalog all of your blessings, nor do you need to choose the biggest, because the simpler the things you are grateful for, the deeper your sense of gratitude will be.  For example, basking in the sunshine for 30 minutes is sufficient reason to be grateful because many people do not have this same privilege.

Be Mindful of the Present

Many religions have said it, albeit in different words, but the core meaning remains the same – stay in the present and find your happiness in the here and now because tomorrow may never come.  By being mindful of your present, you will be able to recognize the beauty in ourselves, in others, and in the place, even when in the midst of a difficult challenge in life.  You can only live in the present for the past is done and tomorrow may not even be possible.

For example, when cooking your family’s dinner, you should appreciate the colors of the fruits and vegetables, the cool sensations of the water flowing through your hands, and the satisfying sight of a well-prepared nutritious meal.  You will realize you are a lucky person for having food on the table, and for having a family to share it with.

Gratitude, like most things in life, is a choice.  Make gratitude your choice now!

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