Signs Your Dream was of a Past Life

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Signs your dream was from a past life. This is interesting, I never knew how to tell if my dream was from a past life before.Some people look forward to their dreams while others dread going to sleep. Some tell a story and can be picked up easily the next evening. Others are just crazy. Dreams can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but there are some dreams that point to a past life. Here are some clues to look for in your dreams that you may have lived in another body and in a different time.

Unusual People

People that are unfamiliar to you in your waking form may appear as family and friends in your dreams. Normally, this would seem shocking because the surroundings do not fit what you are used to either. But in your dream, the scene and people are familiar and comfortable.

Vivid Surroundings

An old-fashioned house with antique furniture can repeatedly appear in your dreams. Upon waking, you may wonder whose house this is and if you will ever actually see it. Everything seems so real right down to the dust collecting around the chair legs. It could have been your house in a past life. Enjoy the journey.

Watching a Picture Show

Your dreams may be almost like a movie. The characters are not people that you know and one person, in particular, is you. No one has to tell you this. It is just a given. This individual may be of a different sex, ethnic background or social status, but you know it is you. There may be no plot, just a few friends hanging out. These shows are intriguing to watch.

Reoccurring Dreams

You may have the same dream repeatedly. It does not seem to have any reason behind it and you wish that it would continue forward. These dreams may plague your thoughts when you are awake and you wonder if it could be a future event about to take place. Chances are, it is a scene from a past life.

These are just a few examples of how our past lives can visit us through dreams. Experiencing a foreign country or discovering new things that no one has ever taught you are other ways that a past life can visit you through dreams.

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