Signs your Heart Chakra may be Weak

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what is the heart chakraThe fourth chakra can be found in the heart of all functions. Centrally located, it is in control of the respiratory system, the circulatory system, thymus gland, diaphragm, ribs and breast, arms, hands and shoulders. When any one of these areas loses the energy of the heart chakra, sickness and emotional despair can follow.

Immune System

Everyone knows that without a healthy immune system, disease-causing organisms can invade the cells and organs. The heart chakra has close contact with the thymus gland that produces T-cells. T-cells are essential for a healthy immune system. If you have problems keeping your immune system in good working order, your heart chakra could be in a weakened state.

Respiratory Conditions

Much of the respiratory conditions of today are blamed on increased pollutants and super bugs, but these symptoms could also point to a low heart chakra. Difficulty with breathing and problems with the lungs indicates tension within the heart chakra. Frequent colds, bronchitis and allergies are signs that the fourth chakra is not balanced.

Heart Issues

The heart is the center of blood flow. When problems occur with high blood pressure, heart pains, fatigue and difficulty with breathing, the heart is usually involved. However, issues of the heart are not always physical in nature. Perception, sensitivity and love are emotional components of this organ. When trying to diagnose a heart problem, the emotional state is also explored.

Emotions and Relationships

Love, hatred, grief, joy, jealousy, fear of betrayal, feelings of isolation and loneliness and the ability to make ourselves feel better are all centered in the heart chakra. Whenever the heart chakra is under-active, we allow emotional distress to dictate our being. This can lead to some of the physical symptoms listed above, plus leave us feeling cold and alone. What an awful feeling to bear and one that is truly unnecessary.

If any of these signs begin to overtake your physical or emotional state, take steps to heal your heart chakra to release the negativity that has been allowed in your space. By accepting yourself and others around you, the heart chakra can become balanced and your body and soul will begin to heal.

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