Signs of Spirituality Awakening

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Signs of Spirituality Awakening

Spirituality awakening may sound like a wonderful transition to learning the truth about life and all that it holds. However, this experience can hold much confusion when not prepared. There are 5 stages of growth that must be experienced, not unlike growing from a child to an adult. These stages may take several months to work through as you begin to identify with your new self and the world around you.

Stage 1 through 3 deals with the actual awakening. These are the toughest parts to go through as shock and wrestling with the thought that you may be loosing your sanity is ever present.

Here are some examples of how these growing pains can affect your life on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

Mental Changes

Feelings of going insane

Hearing voices that are not manifested by your mind

Fearful of new revolution

Thoughts of losing control

Emotional Changes

Unexplainable crying

Feeling irritable, anxious or impatient

Loss of motivation

Having great joy or bliss

Feeling that your life is suddenly out of control

Physical Changes

Change in eating habits

Rashes, body itching or tingling of skin

Up and down energy levels

Headaches and sinus problems

Experiencing brain fog and dizziness

A racing heart or heart palpitations

Spiritual Changes

Feeling a detachment from family and friends

Suddenly understanding your life’s goal

Possessing a higher perception of things around you

The ability to hear your Guide

Wanting to spread your awareness to everyone around you

Stage 4 allows many of these changes to calm down as you accept your spiritual awakening as a special gift. The anger, hurt and resentment toward yourself and others has become intensified as part of the change, but is now accepted as part of the process of healing.

Stage 5 is when total bliss has been achieved. You realize that the whole world has a special connection and that you are ready to accept this new outlook. You will continue to have memories of the past, but they will no longer be a deterrent in your future goals. You have a new sense of empathy and patience that allows you to see, feel and interact in a meaningful way.

Now is the time to expand and enjoy life on this planet and continue to explore the spiritual truths with your Guide. Your intuitions and new zeal for the future can be shared with others by finding that special group that understands the truth. Finding these new friends early on can also help to have less self-doubt as you enter each new stage of transformation.

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  1. Gayle Johnson

    Absolutely true in every aspect.


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