Signs Your Third Eye Has Opened

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Meditation is the beginning point to expanding your perception into the spirit world. The ultimate goal for many is to tap into that inner wisdom, receiving a stronger guiding force in life. This is achieved by allowing the third eye, or the pineal gland, to open. According to ancient Vedic literature, the human body has seven chakras. Out of these 7, the most powerful and life-changing is the 6th chakra. The third eye, most commonly known as the Ajna or the 6th chakra of the human body, is directly related to the subconscious mind. It manifests as the pineal gland in our body. Located in the center of the brain, it has been believed for centuries that this is the gateway to receiving spiritual awareness.

The third eye chakra, with its outer positioning located at the center of the forehead, controls perception, intuitiveness, creativity, imagination, wisdom, and knowledge. It is believed that there are dimensions apart from the three that we can see and perceive. In order to discover the others, one needs to open third eye. To open the third eye one has to undergo a third eye awakening. Religious scriptures from around the world have laid down several rituals and habits that can lead to third eye awakening. Out of them, the most common and widely practiced is the third eye meditation.

The picture above is the third eye symbol.

It symbolizes the sacred “Om” as the most powerful incantation in order to open third eye. The two lotus petals on both sides, symbolize the union of psychic channels – the ida and the pingala, ultimately leading to enlightenment and spiritual actualization. Almost all religious and spiritual scriptures refer to the 3rd eye and how to open third eye.

Opening the 3rd eye is a life-changing event and third eye meditation is the way to achieve it. In this process, one has to seek proper guidance from a spiritual master and there are various techniques and ways of going about it. Common among them is the open third eye spell, or the mantra, as bestowed upon by the spiritual master who you are following. Needless to say, he/she has already activated their 3rd eye and is proficient in getting their student to accomplish the same. Thus one can go about their target of third eye awakening in a peaceful and solemn manner.

The following signs are often experienced when the third eye has opened, or the third eye chakra is activated, so to speak:

Slight Pressure between the Eyebrows

Firstly, in the initial stages of the third eye awakening, there might be slight discomfort in terms of pressures and head reelings at the center of the forehead.

On a clearer note, a warm sensation or a feeling of being touched in this area is a sign that the 3rd eye has started to manifest. The sensation is experienced, especially when you are meditating or pondering about something in deep thought. It may also be a tingling sensation. They all point to the same thing, that your higher consciousness is engaging in the current process and is a good thing. The major reason behind the discomfort is because, since birth, the third eye chakra is dormant or scantily used. Due to being dormant for a long time, initial discomfort in opening and adjusting to the new dimensions is experienced. You would feel a similar pain in your eyes if you have been woken up after a coma spanning a long time.

Third Eye Awakening: Increased Intuition

Increased intuition is another sign.

Secondly, increased intuition is another sign of third eye opening.

As the third eye awakening symptoms reveal, different foresight can be realized. This feature is different in every individual and has to be accepted as our intuition is trying to get our attention. You will frequently experience moments of deja-vu. . As the things you see happening in front of your eyes in the physical world, you will feel that they are the things that you have already seen happening in your dreams. You may even have had visions of these events during your meditation or spiritual practice.

It has been witnessed in many cases that people with a third eye open have seen things that have happened in the past while looking at the spot in present. Do not fret, despite what people say; you are not going mad. You just need to differentiate as to which is the present and when are you navigating in the past.

woman  with a cube in hand
It is the source of intuition

This feeling could be one of fear, a premonition of the future, or knowing that a certain act is about to take place. It is not always 100% accurate, but take it and develop it as a gift. As time progresses, you will learn to accept all that is coming your way. You will become accustomed to not reacting to sudden events or external stimuli.

Sensitivity to Light and Color

Thirdly, with your third eye chakra open, you will start observing and differentiating hues and colors more minutely. Remember how vivid the natural colors appear in the fall? Being able to identify them with an increased brilliance of colors and light sensitivity are indications that your ability to capture the depth of the universe is expanding.

In certain cases, you can also see a faint light emanating from a person’s body. This is known as the aura. Once the third eye chakra opens, you can easily see a person’s aura. This is especially helpful when you are trying to help somebody at times of distress or safeguarding yourself from someone’s evil intentions. It is just as if a veil has been removed from your sight. You see through things as they are and not how they are being portrayed.

Another sign is not being able to get enough sun. It is almost like your skin cannot live without the warmth of this energy.

Changes in Perception of Life

The fourth indication is when your perception towards life shifts towards a more tolerant and accepting stance. If you feel your tolerance level increasing, this is no accident. As the third eye opens, a feeling for life and the world around us becomes more intense. You may find yourself seeing a bird for the first time as a joyful experience and your attitude toward people becomes more accepting. You start accepting situations and people and understand their part of the story without even being explained to.

man with a painted forehead
Spiritual awakening: brings compassion and love for everyone and everything

Third Eye Awakening: Headaches and Pressure

As the third eye develops into a part of your being, there is often a slight headache that is felt in the center of the forehead. This is a good sign that you are in spiritual overload! Go outside, soak up the sun and meditate or walk. The pressure will soon pass.

Last but not the least, as the third eye develops into a part of your being, there is often a slight headache that is felt in the center of the forehead. This is a good sign that you are in spiritual overload! Our sense organs help us navigate through the physical world, but the third eye navigates through the psychic and spiritual dimensions. It is constantly bombarded with the electromagnetic waves emanating from the people around you. Once the third eye awakening is complete, it is constantly picking up these signals which cannot be fathomed by the naked eye and skin. Go outside, soak up the sun and meditate or walk. The pressure will soon pass.

To award our readers with the recent changes going on with their third eye awakening we will provide you with the tip of the day. Yoga poses such as Child’s Pose and Wide-Legged Forward Fold are exceptionally helpful in easing into the transformation. Take as many holistic organic foods such as purple cabbage, purple berries, black grapes, herbal tea, and raisins to ease yourself into the process of third eye awakening. Patchouli is also helpful in easing any discomfort caused.

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