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Today’s world is filled with untruths and those who use manipulation for personal gain. If you have ever doubted if you are being led astray from the truth, call upon Archangel Michael. No matter how illogical the situation may be, your intuitive sense will reign with an unshakable sense of what is right. This is the interception of Archangel Michael coming to your aid. There are many other ways that this leader of angels will show his presence. Here are a few examples:

You are Never Alone

Archangel Michael is recognizable by his powerful, protective nature. Fear, guilt and a feeling of emptiness can leave us with confusion and emotional trauma. Calling upon Michael will bring about calm and peace. For a life enveloped in the most intense sea of love, or love lost, Archangel Michael brings clarity and the loneliness is immediately replaced with supportive courage.

Feeling Safe and Sound

Although we may feel as though we can achieve goals on our own and handle any type of situation, there are times when the world can throw a curve ball into our lives. We long for the day when our parents were near, placing that reassuring around us. This is when Archangel Michael is most noticed by many. He will arrive and place an invisible shield around us, calming nerves and giving us a sense of serenity.

Voices and Signs

Archangel Michael has a very clear and authoritative voice that can break through the muddle in our minds. The intimidating chatter suddenly seems irrelevant when his booming clear order breaks through. If you are in doubt of this voice being Michael, look around for a physical sign of his presence. A floating feather or a flash of light is often Archangel Michael’s way of showing his presence. Others may feel a burst of heat from within that causes them to perspire.

If you are still in doubt of whether you are feeling Archangel Michael, or are being tricked by another type of spirit, write down your fears and ask the angel to prove his presence. Michael will always come through to get your attention so the truth can be followed.


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