Signs You Have Clairsentience

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What Is Clairsentience?

If you’ve ever had an emotional feeling swoop over you and didn’t know why, but later found it had relevance to a situation you knew nothing about, you’re probably experiencing clairsentience.  Clairsentience abilities identify feelings of others around you, whether they’re physical, such as a stomach ache, or emotional, such as sorrow or anger.  It’s often one of the most overlooked psychic gifts and often is misdiagnosed as an anxiety disorder or depression. It is also known as super empathy, even though an empath will have slightly different skills and feelings.

If you have a gift for clairsentience, you often feel the emotions and pain of another you’re closely attached to, even when you’re at a distance. You will be the mother that calls when your child just received horrible news or is ill. You may not even know it. You may get a mental picture of the person for no apparent reason and feel you absolutely must check on them.

Clairsentient people react to their surroundings. If they go to a place where violence or other tragedy occurred, they pick up the mood of that tragedy and may even get horrible headaches. Large crowds drain them because they are picking up everyone’s moods at the same time. They may get nausea, headaches or other physical reactions. While most people don’t like to go to cemeteries, hospitals, jails or other similar places, if you’re clairsentient, you may become almost panicky if you have to go to those places.


Clairsentient people can often “feel” if a spirit is present. You can’t see them, but simply feel their energy. You’ll often pick up the mood of someone just by touching their belongings and if you go into a house with negative emotions, your mood becomes dark and you immediately note you don’t like them, even if you can’t explain why.

You’ll know what someone at a distance feels and can tell if something good or bad may happen by “feeling” the future, just like the mother that phones when their child needs them even before the child knows. Just by talking to someone over the phone, you may make them feel better.

There are plenty of downsides to having uncontrolled clairsentience talents. Sometimes you feel the pain of another in your own body, without realizing it’s the other person’s pain. That can send you running to the doctor when it’s unnecessary. You don’t even need to be with that person, you could think about them and then start feeling their pain.

You can probably understand by now why many people with this gift are misdiagnosed as having panic attacks or depression. Others may turn to addictive behavior to bury the feelings, such as gambling, alcoholism, drug and food addictions. Once you identify you are clairsentient and learn how to control your gift for good, or simply recognize that the energy is coming from an outside source, you’ll find your life can change for the better and you’ll be able to help others.


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