What is a Singing Bowl Used for?

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What are singing bowls used for? I didn't know they could be used for so many things.

What is a Singing Bowl Used For?

Now that we know what a singing bowl is, you may be wondering what is a singing bowl used for?  Singing bowls are used for meditation, holistic healing, relaxation, and to bring pleasure to one’s well-being. For centuries, these bowls have been used in religious ceremonies as a form of teaching through energy. However, as singing bowls spread throughout the world, they began to take on expanded uses, far exceeding the traditional religious rituals of Eastern countries.


By rubbing a mallet along the rim of a singing bowl, distinctive sounds emerge, somewhat similar to a tiny ringing bell. As a product of metals from the earth, the unique hum is unique from any type of man-made sound and resonates with nature. Meditation is often enlightened as the vibration of the sound incorporates with mind, body and soul.

Holistic Healing

The sound of singing bowls is used by some holistic healers as a way to calm patients and to aid in bringing balance to certain chakras. Providers will place a bowl near the patient (or on the body) and allow the vibration to soothe and aid in healing.


Meditation does not always have to be used to bring a calming effect. On days where time is short (and so are nerves) a few minutes of deep breathing and listening to a singing bowl can bring calmness and relief from stress and negative feelings.

Happiness and Well-Being

By placing a singing bowl in a favorite room, you are able to enjoy the atmosphere. Almost like a crutch, you know that the power of the sound is alive and available for strengthening your mood. The combination of metals in any given area will release nature’s finest asset and bring a feeling of happiness and well-being.

The sound and vibration that is created by rubbing a mallet around the rim, or striking the side of the bowl with a mallet can change the frequency of the mind that may be filled with negative karma from the day. The noise of machines, the chatter of people and the presence of negative energy can throw off the balance of anyone. Keeping a singing bowl near will help to calm down the manufactured ills of any day.


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