How Does Sound Healing Work

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How does sound healing work?

Marketing companies invest thousands of dollars in creating the perfect atmosphere for shoppers. Depending on the types of products, age group and mood you wish to set, music can range from loud heart-thumping rock and roll to soft symphony elevator tunes that place the body at rest. Sound healing follows this same concept but runs much deeper.

Our bodies can react to the movements and sounds of the world, but they are not always healthy. Just as certain foods contain beneficial minerals and vitamins for our cells and muscles, certain sounds carry vibrations and frequencies that are in tone to our body’s needs. Just as chanting and mantra recitation have been part of the healing power of yoga for thousands of years, a properly set sound can create a perfect balance between body, mind, and soul.

If we study the ancient Hindu methods of spirituality, there are certain tones and frequencies that cause vibrations from within. Most of these match the unheard melodies of nature. A singing bowl, for example, is made up of the alloys of the earth. When struck with a mallet, or even running your fingertips along the rim, a tone that is mild and soothing is delivered.

This sound is becoming popular in the medical and psychology fields for treating symptoms of depression, headaches, mental illness and high blood pressure. There is no beat or rise of notes, but a constant flowing frequency. It is believed that by using sound healing, the body is able to right many parts of the body and chase away the imposter that is trying to divert the body into an unnatural state.

There are experts that have studied the significance of sound as it reacts to the physical. Also, going back to India, Tibet, and the Himalayans, this practice of using sound to regulate mental and physicals ills, makes sense. The world and all living things are one in space and getting on the same wavelength is a great way to proceed to a healthier and more productive life.


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