Signs Your Spirit Guide is Present

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Your spirit guide is ever present. However, we are the ones that cannot hear him/her because of all the noise of the world. There are many signs that indicate the presence of your spirit guide if you know what to look for. Once you see how easy it is to feel this warm and trusted friend, you will wonder how it took you so long to sense their being.

Cut out the Noise

The materialism of the world is very loud. Everything from the chatter of people to the disruptive frequency of electronics, it can be impossible to hear anything on another level. It is not that our spirit guide does not have the power to compete with such sounds, but that would be overriding our free will in our world. Your higher power will always be soft and subtle, awaiting your call.

There are no Coincidences

Remember that your spirit guide is with you 24/7 and anything that you ask for can take form. For instance, thinking of a dear friend that has had recent troubles may prompt a phone call from that person who just wanted to say hello and that things are better. Messages may be woven in signs, songs or books that you read. Stay open to accept these signs as your spirit guide’s form of communication.

Feelings through Meditation

Your spirit guide plays a part in your constant meditation for a heightened awareness. You may feel an actual presence or see white mists as you concentrate on your quest for a better understanding of the spiritual. Sometimes it is a warm and pure feeling that surrounds your body.

Everyone has their own personal experience with their spirit guide and these are just a few of the signs to look for when wondering if your spirit guide is present. Never doubt that he/she is near. It is up to you to acknowledge them.

Spirit Guide Signs

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