Spiritual and Healing Power of Black Tourmaline

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Black tourmaline is the most protective stone that you can have. It differs from other protecting stones because it does not take negative energy and throw it off, but actually absorbs and transforms the integrity of the energy. Any negative energy that comes into contact with black tourmaline is automatically dispelled and replaced with positive vibrations.

At the same time, the black tourmaline crystal guarantees protection from bad and negative energy that’s present around you which includes all kinds of EMF and psychic protection!

Black tourmaline not only brings you relief from pain but also helps in boosting your immune system and helps you cope up with stress and additional strain.

As early as 1880, it was discovered that black tourmaline had a constant electric charge. In fact, in Asia, black tourmaline is still referred to as “the electric stone”. It is no wonder that this stone is able to work against all negative energies, such as people, places, and electronics.

One of the lesser-known facts, about black tourmaline, is, that it happens to be one of the most prevalent powerful crystals that cater to metaphysical purposes! In this article, we will see how black tourmaline can help one physically, spiritually, and metaphysically and the black tourmaline’s true power!

Physical Benefits of Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

For the uninitiated asking what is black tourmaline good for, here’s a bit of a surmise. There are various physical benefits of Black Tourmaline! One of the major benefits of black tourmaline is how it helps someone deal with OCD. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a growing physical ailment among many. There have been no scientific breakthroughs as to how or why this condition exists. Black tourmaline has been known to calm the body’s electrical impulses that allow obsessions to subside. When placed in your bedroom, your mind is able to throw off stress and be at peace in order to get rest. It will also strengthen the immune system and assist in pain relief of arthritis, and the relief of spinal or muscular problems.

Apart from the above-mentioned healing benefits that one receives from the Black tourmaline, there’s plenty more to it! It would surely answer your question of how to use black tourmaline for healing. Read on:

1. Helps in improving one’s circulation.

2. Promotes a good and healthy mood

3. Helps one’s body to detoxify from environmental pollutants and heavy metals.

4. Helps one to get in shape, promotes weight loss, and further helps you to reduce bloating!

5. Helps in lowering anxiety and stress!

6. Finally, last but not least, establishes a healthy immune system!

Spiritual Benefits of Black Tourmaline

[image source: energymuse.com] Healing power of black tourmaline: many of them!

Do not allow the absence of bright vibrant color to make you think that black tourmaline might not be as powerful and positive! Black tourmaline is very adaptable and one of the most versatile crystals of all time. Black tourmaline also helps one spiritually! Staying grounded and protected from negative energy are the two most common problems to conquer when keeping the chakras in balance. Black tourmaline’s powerful presence takes control of both of these areas so that you can continue your journey to a higher spiritual dimension.

Black tourmaline benefits include bringing pure and clean energy and expression of light into those who are in dire need of its powers. Black tourmaline promotes the capability and ability to retain the very vibrant and positive powers in your darkest of dark days.

Genuine black tourmaline is not a single mineral but a mixture of many. They may include Elbaite, Schorl, Dravite, Uvite, Liddicoatite, or Buergerite. The chemical composition of a black tourmaline core is Sodium Iron Aluminum Boro-silicate Hydroxide. Here we are not concerned with black tourmaline properties but feel that mentioning the chemical composition for a more discerning audience is only going to help some people, if not all. So far as black tourmaline side effects in spirituality are concerned, there have been none discovered to date.

Be leary of those dealers that present a jet black, highly-polished stone. Many are made in labs and are lacking the power of the real thing. You may encounter some black tourmaline that is not black at all, but multi-colored. Always buy from a trusted supplier in order to receive the highest power possible from this remarkable stone.

Metaphysical properties

It’s time to say ‘be gone negativity for good!’ Black Tourmaline knows the way to your chakras and in return, they’ll make you feel safe and much secure, than before! Once you know your chakras are safe and securely balanced and in tune with each other, this will let you feel more confident in your own skin and self! Embrace who you really are! And speak up for yourself with your head held high! And guess what, black tourmaline will give it all to you.

Black tourmaline is not just your savior and energy protector, it also doesn’t leave you exposed to psychic attacks and energy vampires.

How to use this magnificent gemstone?

black tourmaline, black tourmaline benefits
[image source: consciousitems.com] Black tourmaline benefits: plenty of them!

Now that we are aware of the power Black tourmaline truly holds, it’s time we get to know how to exactly use this gemstone. There are several ways you can use this crystal, one of the most common methods is during meditation. While you’re meditating hold onto your black tourmaline and let all your negativity and tension in your body straight into the crystal and the crystal will transform all your stress, sorrow, and bad vibes into positive energy! Or one can easily wear a black tourmaline bracelet or black tourmaline necklace or even a black tourmaline pendant that has a black tourmaline crystal in it for extra protection while you’re out in public! It would be a great piece of black tourmaline jewelry. This will help you keep away from all sorts of negativity other minds project on you. Plus, make sure you have one in your home as well! Keep a tourmaline crystal in your room’s corner or near your bed! It’ll ensure you’re always surrounded by positive energy and also enhances the protection of you and your personal space!

How to take care of your Black Tourmaline?

Before we conclude, you need to learn how to take care of your black tourmaline. It’s only fair you take care of the beautiful black tourmaline and cleanse and take care of it regularly considering it never fails to give peace and positive energy and protect you from negativity!

Here’s something that you need to understand about black tourmaline, it is kind of a sponge, it’s soaking all sort of negativity and transforming them into positivity regularly.

Black tourmaline can absorb and digest all sort of toxicity that’s present around you and also in you, but you need to cleanse it or else it loses its true potential of absorbing the negativity. So cleansing and charging will surely help to retain its true power. Crystals tend to lose their power if not cleaned properly.

All you got to do is soak your Black Tourmaline piece to ensure it gets cleaned properly. The steps are very simple as well, take a bowl of clean purified water and let your black tourmaline soak for over a day (24 hours), which will help in draining away all negativity from the crystal.

In conclusion, we would like to point out that we are living in quite a tumultuous time, and we all can do with a bit more positivity in our life and banish negative energy, thoughts, and vibes and replace them with positivity and a healthy mindset. For those asking does black tourmaline really work, there is only one way to find out, isn’t it? We think it’s time you get your Black Tourmaline meaning positivity and goodness brought home, and never look back!

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