Spiritual and Healing Powers of Nuumite

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It is not easy to find Nuumite. It is one of the most ancient stone on this planet.

Where does nuumite come from:

This rare and complex stone is only found in Nuuk, Greenland. It is referred to as the Magician’s Stone or the Sorcerer’s stone because of its powerful ancient energy properties. When searching for Nuummite stone, make sure of its origin so that you can gain as much power physically, mentally, and spiritually as you can. There has been talk of finding Nuumite in Canada and the United States. Still, the most potent variety is only found in Greenland. One may even think that the ones found in the USA and Canada are fake nuummite. Though that may not be the case every time, but to be on the safe side, use the one found in Greenland.

What is nuumite:

nuumite 2
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This stone is black with specks of gold, red, or blue. It is also called nuummite, nemite, or pneumite by some people. It draws out any negative energies, as well as any negative mental impressions from the past. One should use this stone’s magnetism with the right intention as any negative intention will harm the user. It is said to purify your heart too.

Created from Anthophyllite and Gedrite, it is believed that Nuumite is the oldest mineral on earth. Being next to earth’s vibration for so long, this stone has various powers and elemental forces associated with it, unlike any other stone. In addition to being the ultimate grounding crystal, Nuumite possesses a strong electromagnetic field. This feature can ban negative energies that are caused by almost any form of energy. The natural energies of this stone have the power to neutralize any dull energies.

What is nuumite used for:

You can use this stone in your workplace to bring transformation in your behavior and help you work with concentration. You will become more intuitive. And this stone will encourage others to honor your talent and value you more. It can also release obscenities, past-life impressions, and the effects of black magic, evil deities, curses, etc. It can wipe off any ill wishes and helps you to have a deep sleep. Also, it is known as the luckiest stone that gives you great innermost control.

What are the healing properties of nuumite:

Wear Nuummite for continuous energy in significant undertakings and to ward off exhaustion during the day.

In physical healing, this stone can help tissues regenerate and treat diseases of the central nervous system. It has the unique advantage of purifying the body and whisking away infection, diseases of the blood, and reducing stress. It helps in developing tissues. It alleviates soreness and irritation caused by headaches. It is beneficial for treating degenerative diseases. This stone can cleanse your blood and kidneys. It also lessens infections that are slow to heal, or that may reappear. It helps produce insulin and thus lowers your diabetes level, high blood pressure, and any dizziness.

Spiritually, Nuumite protects against energy thieves that try and subdue your journey to a higher level. Crystal healers believe Nuumite helps recognize the things needed in life and aids in letting go of what is not.

nuumite 3
[image source: phiyanirue.com]

This crystal aids in healing chakras and balances your energy, providing you with stamina and energy. The intense black and grey color of this stone stimulates the base or root chakra. It heals you emotionally. It is a stone of empowerment that helps you uncover your fears, guilt, shame, or hurt that lies in your subconscious mind.

Insight and intuition are greatly enhanced, and finding one’s inner power is heightened.

Nuumite is also able to create an atmosphere for emotional healing. It is a great teacher of honor and respect. It strives to lead you to your subconscious to address hidden pains and depressions that have been holding you prisoner. Once the power of self-mastery is understood, you can see the present with clarity and importance. The past will be dissolved and gnawing; unimportant material problems will become just that. This mineral is also valuable for releasing any trapped energy.

How do I use the nuumite stone:

Wearing this stone will help you fulfill any duties, obligations, promises you made to others and yourself. You will also be able to let go of all things that are irrelevant to you. In other words, good luck starts chasing you.

The black ray of this powerful stone intensifies your relationship with the physical world. It gives you energy and vigor, thus reducing fears that are associated with this physical plane. Black Nuummite offers protection. It saves you from any hidden enemies that you might have. It also clears the harm done to your aura. Last but not the least, it also brings stability in any new environment.

nuummite necklace. nuummite pendant
[image source: lochness-jewels.com]

Keep this stone near you and incorporate it in your meditation to better balance all of the chakras. People usually wear it as a nuummite pendant or necklace. One should not get into what is nuummite meaning as it is inconsequential that way.

How to charge nuumite:

You can charge this stone by keeping it in sea salt and water and then keeping it dry in the sun.  You can purify this stone by placing it beneath a container full of dry brown rice. It takes approximately half a day to charge this stone. You can also rinse it in clear water. You can also charge by chanting, using a singing bowl, a tuning fork, or a bell, but whatever it is, the sound must be loud enough to reach the stone. 

Another way to charge this stone is by placing directly for 24 hours on the top of a large cluster of quartz, amethyst geodes, or selenite slabs, as these stone’s vibration can cleanse any negative energies of nuummite. Small stones like carnelian, clear quartz, and hematite stones can also be used to charge this stone. You can also clean this stone by taking a long breath and breathing out hard while holding the stone close to your nostrils.

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