Spiritual and Healing powers of Smokey Quartz

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Properties of Smokey Quartz Crystal

Smokey Quartz colors range from light smoke grey to a dark brownish-grey

Smoky quartz is a gentle stone with lots of appealing benefits. It has the power to neutralize negative vibrations while grounding oneself to the earth. Positive thoughts and a calm nature are often signs that this stone is at work for you. The colors can range from a light smoke grey to a dark brownish-grey. Said to have natural radiation properties from granite, this stone has many electrifying qualities. Quartz is an all-purpose crystal. It can help in both absorbing and amplifying energies.

Physical Properties of Smokey Quartz

The healing qualities of this fascinating stone are vast since it concentrates on the root chakra and the solar plexus chakra. It is effective for the abdomen, hips and leg areas. In addition, smoky quartz can help to relieve headaches, back pain, and ease muscle spasms. Mainly consisting of silicon-di-oxide, one of the most abundantly found minerals on the surface of the earth; thi crystal is mainly found in hidden caves. In the ages of sages and mystics, shaman would go to these cages and meditate. It was said that smokey quartz healing properties were the most concentrated in those hidden caves. These shamans would continuously visit these caves to improve their mystic powers. At the end of their meditation session, they would come out with heightened mystical powers.  While little is still known about the harm that can come from electronic frequencies, this gem will recognize any electromagnetic vibrations and neutralize them immediately.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Smokey quartz healing properties are innumerable. It is great for meditation as it amplifies the energy of the other surrounding stones. It works to cleanse and detoxify those negative feelings and energies that constantly try to invade your space. This stone is powerful in balancing and grounding, but works closely when working with the Crown Chakra, also. Think of Smokey quartz as the life-line that connects earth and heaven. Keeping you protected and grounded while exploring the depths of the celestial world will keep your mind at peace that all is right.

If there is one stone that you should keep in your possession, the smokey quartz is it. Consider it your first-aid kit to staying calm, warding off negativity, and soothing pain, both physical and mental. You will also discover that it is easier to balance each chakra when smokey quartz is used. Even when not in meditation, use in all corners of your home to keep the air pure from the static noise of constant unnatural vibrations, especially in the bedroom. It will provide a peaceful night’s sleep and keep nightmares at bay.

Smokey quartz gets its awesome healing qualities pertaining to its crystal structure. The intricate crystalline interior of the crystal is known to trap any sort of negative energies. You can cchage your smokey quartz crystals under the moon light to enhance its spiritual powers.  Another widely practied ritual is dipping smoke quartz crystals in water and keeping them unde the light of the full moon. It is said to balance your solar plexus chakra, and boost vitality and health into your system. Regular consumption of this water can improve your menstrual health, keep your mind calm, help in rational decision making and also help in improving nervous health. Keeping smokey quartz chips and crystals at the entrance of your house will keep it protected against evil energies and maintain prosperity of the household. Smokey Quartz

Raw smokey quartz healing properties include amplification and restoration of household peace and positive aura. It is rare to find raw smokey quart these days, that have not been polished. These unpolished crystals include several other minerals present in them that are highly beneficial for other healing purposes as well. Raw smokey quartz healing properties include warding off and absorption of harmful radiations and waves. Raw smoky quartz is also used to make crystal balls for divination purposes. Cups and bowls made of this crystal are purposefully used to administer medicines, soak herbs and offer tea to enhance their healing effect. Talismans, pendants and pendulums made of smokey quartz are used to detect and deflect evil energies, waves and diseases. Exposure to smokey quartz can heal internal wounds and calm a disturbed mind. 

Various raw smokey quartz also contain chlorite. These crystals have a layer of chlorite in them and look green. The crystals are specifically used for astral projection and divination purposes. If you are into reiki and crystal healing, you can use this particular crystal to revitalise a tired and exhausted soul. Chlorite smokey quartz healing properties include revitalising an exhausted soul, disturbed mental peace, improving loss of attention, head-aches and strengthening balance in chakras. This crystal can be placed in the north-east direction of your home to restore health, vitality, spirituality and positive vibrations. Meditating daily before this crystal can greatly improve your attention span, ability to read and pick aura and heal and soothe people with depression and heart breaks. Pendulums made out of these crystals can heal damages and anomalies in your aura and thinking patterns. 

Citrine smokey Quartz healing properties are yet to be discovered in their full range. One of the most widely known benefits is to keep your aura clean. It is known to heal relations that have been rocky for a while. It can also help you be your best at your work place by enhancing your attention and soothing your brain with its purifying abilities. It is known for healing, mending and strengthening relationships and professional partnerships that have once been severed or harmed. Citrine smokey quartz can also heal you of depression and anxiousness that may arise out of financial and professional concerns. It can also help you overcome fear and negativity in thoughts and intuition. Citrine smokey quartz healing properties also include relieving body of its stress and exhaustion. Keeping a crystal at the southern corner of the bedroom can relieve you of the day’s stress and you will wake up energised the next morning. 

Rutilated smokey quartz are the ones that contain titanium-di-oxide. You will be amazed to know that titanium-di-oxide is the very essential compound that is used in sunscreens and protects our skin against UV rays of the sun. Rutilated smokey quartz healing properties include spiritual growth, mending loopholes in ones’ aura, warding off negative thoughts and strengthening intention. This can also cure any blockages in your psychic path and help you manifest and attract the best energies towards you. The essential purpose of this crystal is to improve and mend psychic abilities. Meditating in the presence of this crystal can greatly improve and enhance soul vibrations. It can heal and release blockages in your intuition. It can also help in healing bodily wounds. It amplifies pure intentions, positive thoughts and is said to amplify the prosperity of a household as well. Placing a rutilated smokey quartz in the living space of your house can help maintain your telepathy, psychic and emotional bonds in the family. Close knit families are known to wear smokey quartz crystal pendants to strengthen filial bonds. It is known to enhance spiritual creativity and can also attract angelic vibrations. These rutilated crystals have golden and copperish strands also known as angel’s hair. It is said that possession of these crystals ensures the presence of angels by your side. 

The above mentioned benefits of the crystals is best experienced if you use them for a long period of time. In order to make the quartz crystals work at their best, regularly charge and cleanse them. In order to charge them, either place them under direct light of the full moon or cleanse them with natural spring water. You can also cleanse the crystals by exposing them to Frankenstein smoke or sage. To make the best use of it, wear them as jewellery or use them as wall hangings in your home. Make sure you do not use huge chunks of it near your pillow or head as it might lead to injuries or spiritual overdrive. Always remember, with subtle continual use, your crystals shall turn out to be your best friends.

Spiritual and Healing Powers of Smokey Quartz

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