Spiritual and Healing Powers of White Selenite

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Selenite is a crystal that is formed from Gypsum. It is a soft stone that is comprised of hydrated calcium sulphate. It is no wonder that it is popular for strengthening bones. However, this is just the beginning of the many powers that white selenite has to offer.

Taken from the name, Selene, a Greek goddess of the moon, it is thought to be divine in bringing a closer relationship with the spiritual realm. Used mainly to open the crown chakra, it has a protective energy from negative sources while seeking your spiritual guide. White selenite can be found in almost every country in the world.

Physical Healing

Healing Powers of White Selenite

The healing powers of white selenite are vast when it comes to skeletal and muscular issues. Backaches and arthritis are known to fade when white selenite is present. Other areas of physical relief include healing infection, tumors, ulcers and epilepsy. Having this crystal in its purest white form is a great asset for calming the mind and getting a restful sleep. Because it is a soft crystal, it is easily scratched and should be kept close for handling, but not worn as jewelry.

Spiritual Healing

The crown chakra can be opened very quickly when using white selenite. If you are not experienced in seeking a higher power, it can leave you feeling dizzy. Always keep a grounding stone near you to help with the transition. When taken to a higher plane, your psychic awareness is heightened. You will find your concentration improved and wisdom from the angels being a larger part of your life.

Use white selenite as a protectant from negative energies around your home by placing these crystals in every corner. The powerful goodness will help to keep you safe, plus add calm and serenity to your body and mind. It is also great for meditation when trying to find a sense of peace. White selenite is considered the purest form of this crystal, but other colors have individual attributes that aid in physical and spiritual properties, as well.

Spiritual and Healing Powers of White Selenite, a powerful healing crystal.  Need to make sure to have White Selenite in my collection of healing crystals and gemstones.

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