Spiritual Meaning of Ladybugs

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Ladybugs have always had a special meaning to those that work with soil in growing plants. Said to be good luck for farmers and gardeners, the legend was built on this beetle’s ability to feast on plants’ pests. However, this is a valid point to remember, among other natural and spiritual world amazement. The spiritual meaning of ladybugs provides a lot to learn from as well.

Ladybug Symbolism

Ladybugs may be tiny but are hard to ignore when they fly within your sight. Not only do they symbolize good luck, they also bring a twinge of joy and playfulness with their beauty and whimsical nature.

One minute they may be crawling peacefully along a twig, and the next, taking to flight with an eager balanced move.

ladybug. spiritual meaning of ladybugs

Their color is appealing to the eye, and they bring about a feeling of trust, abundance, knowledge, and protection. Those of the animal totem of the ladybug are said to be inquisitive and naturally highly spiritual.

Spiritual Significance

Ladybugs share the same complete transformation as the butterfly, although this life cycle often goes unnoticed.

The larvae form on tiny leaves and have legs to crawl to a more desirable position. They molt four times in their transition, patiently waiting on each phase to be completed.

This life cycle is significant compared to the spiritual journey that one takes to find complete spiritual acceptance.

Count the Dots

ladybugs on a flower. spiritual meaning of ladybugs 2

Some people believe that numerology offers meaning to a life’s path. Those looking to the spiritual realm also find meaning in these numbers.

Ladybugs have anywhere from one to seven spots. More than likely, these dots represent the point of transformation that this little beetle is at.

The same could be applied to your own life as a reminder of how much further your spiritual journey has to go.

The most important gift that the ladybug has to offer is its spirit, bringing us closer to our intuition and our ability to open up to receive the gifts of the cosmos. If you are ever curious about the power of a ladybug, watch a child’s reaction as they encounter this curious beetle. Their positive response will show you the answer to what you need to achieve in your life’s journey.

Meaning of sighting 

The spiritual significance of ladybugs sighting is considered a divine indication of prosperity. When seen, it means some gratifying change will be happening in the watcher’s life. However, the indication does not directly link with receiving enormous wealth. 

Seeing a ladybug primarily refers to the abundance of love in one’s life. It may be that the person who saw a ladybug is about to experience marital bliss in their life. Or it may also mean the right person is on the way to land into the person’s life. 

A question like “what is the meaning of a ladybug landing on you?” is often asked qto which the answer is, it is variable. Note the direction it is coming from and going towards to determine the significance of seeing a ladybug. 

Some believe it as a signal that all the worries of life will soon be coming to an end, and a happy and prosperous phase is about to begin. However, not a shower of opulence but financial stability, physical wellness, mental substantiality, and emotional balance are features that manifest after seeing a ladybug. 

Decoding dreams 

According to ancient astrology, behind every dream, there lies a directive. Seeing a ladybug in a dream has varied significance, depending on the color, size, dots it has on its body, and most importantly, the situation of life the dreamer is going through. 

If the ladybug is seen flying around, it indicates the dreamer will be bestowed with ample choices to choose from for a particular thing. The spiritual meaning of ladybug landing on you in your dream means good opportunities will be coming your way very soon.

ladybug on a flower. spiritual meaning of ladybugs 3

If a newly married woman sees ladybugs in her dreams, it means she will soon be experiencing motherhood. The dots on the ladybug’s body will be considered the number of babies she will be blessed with in her life.¬†That’s a very helpful spiritual meaning of ladybugs.


Though, ladybugs do not always bring a positive message. If you see a ladybug flying away, loss of freedom or unsuitable circumstances relating to both personal and professional life may be in the offing. A ladybug flying overhead in the dream indicates you to broaden your mind and rethink your decisions. 

Tincture theory

ladybug. spiritual meaning of ladybugs 4

The tincture of the ladybug you see is a determining factor of the kind of luck the universe is about to manifest in your life. One can find the ladybug in the color hues red, orange, yellow, black & white, full black and brown. 

A red ladybug is the most common type seen around us, and it symbolizes love, commitment, prosperity, and abundance. The yellow ones are the symbol of ambition and success in the professional field. Orange ladybugs are representative of creativity and creation.


The spiritual symbolism of ladybugs in brown color suggests the viewer of new life about to be born. The brown ladybugs are related to fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood. When a woman comes across a brown ladybug, she is about to create a new life. 

The black and white ladybugs are majorly viewed as bad luck. Whereas on the other hand, both also signify deeper insights into life. The black ladybugs try to convey that your imperfections are not your boundaries; instead, they set you free from being stereotyped. On the other hand, white ladybugs having black spots direct you to come out of the cocoon and live your life. 

A popularly asked question about the ladybug’s tint is, ‘what does a green ladybug mean?’ To answer that, a green ladybug is nonexistent. Often, people confuse a cucumber beetle with a ladybug. But that is purely a misconception. No ladybug is bearing a green tincture. 


Finding a dead ladybug


Ladybug is the symbol of good luck. Hence, when people find a deceased ladybug, the first thing that pops up in their head is that their life is about to end! People ask, terrified, “what does a dead ladybug mean?” However, the answer to that makes them think deeper.

A ladybug may want you to understand that holding onto the past or having a retrospective mindset affects your lifestyle. You must set your mind free of the burdens you put on from the past. And it might indicate you to broaden your perspective and be open to change.

The spiritual meaning of ladybugs found in a lifeless state may also indicate that you are killing your true self under the pressure of circumstances thrown by life. Your life wants to change, not for the world but for the benefit of yourself and for the people who love you. 

To conclude, ladybugs symbolize “change”. Having a ladybug around always signifies the probability of change coming to your life, be it professionally, personally, mentally, or emotionally. A ladybug never harms anyone easily. But if someone hurts it or kills it, nine days of bad luck will follow the person.¬†

We hope you gained significant insight into the spiritual meaning of ladybugs.

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