How to Store Crystals and Stones

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How to Store Crystals and Stones

Your new selection of crystals and stones will soon become a cherished part of your life. Tending to their wellbeing should be as much a part of your life as caring for your personal health. This includes storing them safely for future use, but just how should you store your crystals and stones?

Displaying Stones

There is nothing wrong with keeping your stones close to you. In fact, your energy will benefit from having them near. However, keep them out of direct sunlight as some crystals will fade and never regain their original beauty. Also, try to avoid using plastic or any other unnatural stand or dish. Stone, metal or glass are good choices for protecting energy. Take care not to overcrowd smaller stones to prevent a decrease in energy.

Wrapping and Storing Crystal

Treasured pieces that have a specific purpose should be wrapped in natural material, such as cotton, silk or unbleached paper. Keep in a drawer or box, ready to be charged whenever needed.

UV Rays and Negative Energy

Know your stones before deciding on a storage plan. Purple Amethyst or Amethyst Geodes are beautiful when put on display, but will fade over time from direct or indirect sunlight. Rotate with other pieces you want to enjoy. Select a storage site that is far away from your electronics. This is especially true for Hematite or Lodestone. These stones possess a magnetic property that can harm electronics. On the other hand, always keep Black Tourmaline close to electronics to remove bad energy.

Why Store Crystals

Just as you are able to pick up energy from crystals, so can any person that happens to walk past them. If you feel that a particular stone is not as vibrant as usual, the energy could have been picked up by someone walking by. A regular cleansing and charging can eliminate this problem, but if you have several stones, keeping them out of public view is the easiest way to protect.

Some people have special fabric bags and cases for storing their crystals while others bury them under the ground when not in use. However you choose how to store your crystals, remember that they are charged with the power of nature and cannot be treated as any material object. They will treat you well as long as you care for them as required.


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    I display a lot of rocks and minerals in my Bedroom!


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