The 4 Best Crystals for 2016 – Conclusion

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The 4 Best Crystals for 2016

If 2016 feels like an emotional roller coaster, you are not alone. Besides the world being in a chaotic state, individual beliefs are under attack by people that are negatively charged. Use these crystals to stay balanced in your health, emotions and home to fend off destructive forces.

Rose Quartz

Known as the magnifier of the heart, rose quartz stimulates the energy that is often taken from our thoughts. Living in an atmosphere where material items, stress and unavoidable circumstances are ever present, it is not hard for disconnect to occur. While you cannot control the thoughts and actions of others, by balancing you own heartfelt emotions, love and compassion easily abound.



Amethyst has several positive functions. Physical healing, emotional healing and Chakra balancing can all be credited to this mineral. Also called “nature’s tranquilizer”, it soothes angry temperaments, relieves obsessive and hyperactive behavior in children and helps to cure bad addictions. An all-purpose stone, it is powerful enough to calm negative energy wherever it is present. Placing this crystal under the pillow of each family member will also aid in defending against bad dreams that could hinder a good night’s sleep.



Keeping your home in balance is a difficult task. Everyone arrives home with the negativity of co-workers, media, and public scrutiny. Use citrine to dissipate those unwelcome feelings from entering your home and hoarding those feelings. In addition to being a great cleanser, citrine is the crystal of wealth, prosperity and success. Keep citrine in a corner of your home and workplace for positive results. Mix with other healing stones and keep in a crystal bowl.



In the ever-increasing society of technology, radiation is rampant. Shungite shields and protects from EMF electromagnetic radiation from things like TVs, computers, microwaves, cell phones, and other items. Because Shungite is 98% weight carbon, it is an excellent tool in cleansing impurities from water, an increasing problem. There are even commercial companies that use Shungite in water purifiers.


2016 has brought new challenges to the world and being prepared to cope with each and every one may seem an impossible task. However, by staying in tune to your body and meditating regularly, this struggle can be lessened. Use these 4 best crystals for 2016 when coping with the many changes that the world is presenting this year.

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