The Power of Prayer

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the power of prayer - here is some interesting info about prayingPrayer is a powerful tool in helping yourself and others. Many people do not depend on this form of spiritual practice because they feel unworthy of asking. As long as you believe that a higher power is responsible for all of the world’s goodness, your prayer will be heard and answered.

To heal physical and spiritual hurts, to bring insight, to place one’s burdens in God’s hands, trust them to God’s keeping, to be comforted, to give joyful thanks.

Some people have a misconception about prayer. Praying does not mean that a higher power is going to give you what you are praying for. Praying means that you are calling on your higher power to become close to you, to hear you and to recognize your suffering. The power of prayer is an intimate time when our weakened souls need to be rejuvenated by the only spiritual being that has total control.

Prayer does not solve all of the ills of one’s life. Because humans have been given the freedom of choice, our very own mistakes can cause an undesirable situation. We want to control our own lives, but want spiritual help when things go wrong. However, our Father is always listening and understands that his creatures are not perfect.

The power of prayer gives you an open channel to spiritual guidance and support. You may not always get what you feel is the right answer, but given time, you will see that what transpires from prayer, is the only answer. For instance, people think of prayer when a loved one has been in an accident and is clinging to life in a hospital. A community-wide prayer chain may be started so that God knows the importance of this life. The result may be positive or it may end in tragedy. Either way, praise must be given to God for hearing our prayers and delivering an answer.

Praying as a Group

Surrounding yourself with people that have the same desire as you in bringing a solution or answer to a problem can intensify the call for comfort. Our higher power smiles upon unison in sharing with others and will hear and react to the call. While a specific answer may not be the one that you were hoping for, trust and thank your higher power for being there.

Praying Alone

Praying personally will also bring your higher power to your side. Sharing an issue with others is not always appropriate and your higher power knows this. For instance, having a problem with a child that is making bad choices could bring answers of additional patience, strength or getting others involved. It is a personal matter between you and your higher power. The fact that you are pouring out your soul for help in a meaningful way is all that is required to bring an answer.

God, or your higher power, will always hear your prayers and they will be answered. Miracles have been known to happen without any physical reason. This is one way that we know that the power of prayer is stronger than anything of this world. However, there are also times when God’s plan is different than what you wish. Accept this fact and always pray for strength in His decision.

Prayer is not about getting everything that you want in life. It is about accepting the decision that has been made from your request. We do not know what is always right for us. Trusting that the answer is what is in our best interest, is. Even though it is tough to accept the fact that we do not have all the answers, we never will.

Trust that your prayers are heard and are being answered even though the result may not be the one that you anticipated. The answer will be delivered in the future if you continue to believe, trust and pray. Hold onto the belief that the universe holds all of the answers and that one day you will be able to clearly see that your prayer was truly answered.

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