The Role of an Angel

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Role of an Angel

The Role of an Angel

Everyone loves the thought of angels. Although spiritual in nature, there are times when an almost physical presence can be felt by these messengers. We feel safe, loved, and connected to a higher power when angels appear and hold our hand through times of trouble. However, not all angels are granted the duty of overseeing mortals in times of need.

Just like all physical beings are expected to work, angels have certain roles assigned to them by the Master. It is hard to comprehend how a spirit is expected to take orders because we have no knowledge of a dimension outside of our own. However, experience has shown that angels enjoy their work. Here are some of the roles that keep angels busy and fruitful throughout their days:

Being Present in Death

Entering a new dimension when our earthly bodies are gone can be a terrifying transition. Angels often appear, speak softly, and guide spirits along the journey to a new world.

Encouragement and Strength

Life can throw curve balls that are negative and unexpected. People have different levels of sustainability in times of hardship. Knowing limitations and acting as a coach, angels can offer endurance and reassuring feelings to carry you through these times.

Providing and Protecting

Sunshine, food, and herbs for healing, have been placed within our grasp to live good lives on earth. However, there are times when circumstances may keep us from accessing these needed items. Natural disaster, thieves, and accidents can turn our minds to help from above. Angels will arrive to provide and protect in most unusual ways.


The world is balanced with good and evil. When evil begins to tilt the wheel, angels are sent to restore the proper leverage. We may not see death as a way of ever being positive, but angels are sent to make sure that proper balance is always maintained.

Worship and Praise

Not all angels are used to interact with humans. Some are kept close to the Master to celebrate joy. It is not known if angels are allowed to change roles to join in these festivities, but more than likely, they are.

It is impossible to comprehend how the life and role of an angel exists, but we know that they do. These times occur through a touch, an inner revelation, or an angel in the form of a human, appearing to save the day. Humans do not have the capacity to change all situations, but a blessing from above, in the spiritual form of angels, certainly does.


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The Role of an angel - what do angels do


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