The Root Chakra Provides a Critical Foundation

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Root ChakraSafety, security, and stability are three things we wish to maintain in life. Developing a sense of being grounded is critical to achieve these results, which is why we must work very hard at cultivating the Root Chakra. Also known as the “Base Chakra”, the Root Chakra helps ground humans with the world surrounding them. While all chakras are important to cultivate, giving special attention to this primary chakra is necessary in order to gain the most out of meditation sessions.

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine right above the tailbone. (This is where the alternative name “Base Chakra” derives.) The central core location of this chakra is appropriate since the energy flowing from it feeds the other chakras. So, if the Root Chakra is in proper balance, the other chakras end up experiencing significant improvements.

In addition to providing a solid foundation to the physical body and the spirit, the Root Chakra also serves other vital purposes. Specifically, the chakra is connected to the innate human desire for survival. Of course, humans must follow a specific path of good actions and decision-making order to survive. This chakra aids in providing support to peripheral and ancillary components of survival such as the attainment of financial independence, the acquisition and proper management of money, and the ability to procure food and nourishment.

Once the Root Chakra is out of balance, a troubling ripple effect could be experienced in many aspects of your life. Physical and mental wellness might suffer and the possibility of financial discord raises its head. Since this chakra helps stabilize the others, problems with those chakras could be traced to imbalances with this one.

With proper consistent meditation, the Root Chakra will be strengthened. In turn, the chakra becomes effectively able to handle all the tasks required of it.

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